Mainly used to sync local directory with flickr account, but also allows to create and remove albums, push photos and others.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name ProductivityTools.Flickr

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PaweĊ‚ Wujczyk

  • ProductivityTools.Flickr.nuspec
  • Description.dll
  • Description.pdb
  • Description.xml
  • FlickrNet.dll
  • MasterConfiguration.xml
  • ProductivityTools.Flickr.psd1
  • ProductivityTools.MasterConfiguration.dll
  • ProductivityTools.MasterConfiguration.pdb
  • ProductivityTools.PSCmdlet.dll
  • ProductivityTools.PSCmdlet.pdb
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.ApplicationClient.dll
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.ApplicationClient.pdb
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.Configuration.dll
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.Configuration.pdb
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.dll
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.FlickrProxy.dll
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.FlickrProxy.pdb
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.pdb
  • ProductivityTools.PSFlickr.psd1
  • PSFlickrCover.jpg

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.0.7 (current version) 56 4/26/2021