Samper tasks for a DSC Pipeline using a Datum Yaml hierarchy.

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This is a prerelease version of Sampler.DscPipeline.

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Install-Module -Name Sampler.DscPipeline -AllowPrerelease

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Gael Colas


(c) SynEdgy Limited. All rights reserved.



DSC Sampler InvokeBuild Tasks


Get-DatumNodesRecursive Get-DscErrorMessage Get-DscMofEnvironment Get-DscMofVersion Get-FilteredConfigurationData Split-Array


Release Notes

## [0.2.0-preview0003] - 2022-09-07

### Added

- Adding pipeline tasks and commands from DSC Workshop.
- Small changes to support easier deployment for individual environments.
- Added scripts for compiling MOF and Meta MOF files without the need for the `rootConfig.ps1` script. It is now a self-contained task that takes parameters from the `Build.yml`.
- Having modules available more than once results in: ImportCimAndScriptKeywordsFromModule : "A second CIM class definition
 for 'MSFT_PSRepository' was found while processing the schema file". Fixed that by using function 'Get-DscResourceFromModuleInFolder'.
 This usually happens with 'PackageManagement' and 'PowerShellGet'
- The handling of the DSC MOF compilation has changed. The file 'RootConfiguration.ps1' is still used when present in the source of
 the DSC project that uses 'Sampler.DscPipeline'. Same applies to the Meta MOF compilation script 'RootMetaMof.ps1'. If these
 files don't exist, 'Sampler.DscPipeline' uses the scripts in 'ModuleRoot\Scripts'. To control which DSC composite and resource modules should be imported within the DSC configuration, add the section 'Sampler.DscPipeline' to the 'build.yml' as described
 on top of the file 'CompileRootConfiguration.ps1'.
- Added error handling discovering 'CompileRootConfiguration.ps1' and 'RootMetaMof.ps1'
- Test cases updated to Pester 5.
- Fixing issue with ZipFile class not being present

### Fixed

- Fixed regex for commit message `--Added new node`
- Fixed task `Compress_Artifact_Collections` fails when node is filtered

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.2.0-previe... (current version) 323 9/7/2022
0.2.0-previe... 1,408 4/14/2022
0.2.0-previe... 1,147 1/24/2022
0.1.1-previe... 246 1/11/2022
0.1.1-previe... 5 1/8/2022
0.1.1-previe... 39 12/28/2021
0.1.1-previe... 133 10/21/2021