A cross-platform Keepass Secret Management vault extension. See the README.MD in the module for more details.

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This is a prerelease version of SecretManagement.KeePass.

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Install-Module -Name SecretManagement.KeePass -AllowPrerelease

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Justin Grote


(c) 2021 Justin Grote. All rights reserved.



SecretManagement KeePass SecretVault Vault Secret


Register-KeePassSecretVault Unlock-KeePassSecretVault


Desktop Core


Release Notes

## [0.9.3-beta0001] - 2021-08-27
### Minor Updates and Bug Fixes
- 🧪 Move test files to central folder & Support updating entries with recycled sibling  (#61)  
   * -Moved all test-files to the Tests folder  
   * -Test files all moved to the main Tests-Folder  
   -Adjusted path references  
   * Added hint that Test will fail under Windows Powershell 5.1 if the localization is not en-US  
   * Adjusted Test-Path  
   * Removed the removal of the extensions Tests folder as this does not exist anymore  
   * -Refined some Logging  
   -Added Test 'Should ignore recycle bin on update of an existing entry with Set-Secret' to SecretManagement.KeePass/Tests/SecretManagementVault.Tests.ps1  
   -Implemented "ignore recycle bin on update of an existing entry with Set-Secret" based on the vault settings  
   * Errorhandling adjusted in Pester test if Get-Secret does not find an entry.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.9.3-beta0001 (current version) 23 8/27/2021
0.9.2 917 8/22/2021
0.9.2-beta0009 2 8/22/2021
0.9.2-beta0008 81 4/22/2021
0.9.2-beta0007 5 4/20/2021
0.9.2-beta0006 7 4/19/2021
0.9.2-beta0005 3 4/19/2021
0.9.2-beta0004 9 4/14/2021 1,161 4/11/2021 258 3/22/2021 120 3/4/2021 5 3/4/2021 73 2/23/2021 179 1/18/2021 40 1/12/2021 19 1/12/2021
0.0.9 27 1/11/2021 168 10/5/2020 2 10/2/2020