This module is a wrapper around secedit.exe which provides the ability to configure user rights assignments

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This is a prerelease version of SecurityPolicyDsc.

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Install-Module -Name SecurityPolicyDsc -AllowPrerelease

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Install-PSResource -Name SecurityPolicyDsc -Prerelease

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DesiredStateConfiguration DSC DSCResourceKit DSCResource Secedit SecurityPolicyDsc


AccountPolicy SecurityOption SecurityTemplate UserRightsAssignment


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## [3.0.0-preview0006] - 2021-05-21

### Added

- SecurityPolicyDsc:
 - Added automatic release with a new CI pipeline.
   [Issue #143](

### Changed

- Updated pipeline with `Sampler.GitHubTasks` tasks.
- SecurityPolicyDsc:
 - AccountPolicy/SecurityOption:
   - BREAKING: Introduced support for PowerShell v7 (Invoke-DscResource).
     With this change, we start using Import-PowerShellDataFile, which is only available from PowerShell v5.
     This means Windows PowerShell 4 (WMF 4) is no longer supported.
 - Resolved custom Script Analyzer rules that was added to the test framework.
 - Moved change log to
 - Added support for more SDDL SID constants
   [Issue #126](
   - Added functions to convert identity to and from SDDL SID constants.
   - Changed Format-RestrictedRemoteSAM to use new function to create strings with additional SDDL SID constants.
   - Changed ConvertTo-CimRestrictedRemoteSam to use new function to accept more possible SDDL SID constants.
   - Changed ConvertTo-CimRestrictedRemoteSam to skip CimInstance creation if no valid Identity was found.
 - Added schema descriptions for all properties and update README.
 - Added PowerShell Dsc Resource Help Files.
- AccountPolicy:
 - Improved and updated unit tests to Pester v4 format.

### Fixed

- AccountPolicy:
 - Ensure `Get` method returns the specified `Name` property.
 - Fix applying Account_lockout_duration to zero
   [Issue #140](
- SecurityPolicy:
 - Ensure `Get` method returns the specified `Name` property.
 - 'Network_access_Remotely_accessible_registry_paths' and 'Network_access_Remotely_accessible_registry_paths_and_subpaths' use null char as a delimiter


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.0.0-previe... (current version) 4,953 5/21/2021
3.0.0-previe... 31 5/21/2021
3.0.0-previe... 26 5/20/2021
3.0.0-previe... 732 9/24/2020
3.0.0-previe... 584 5/17/2020
3.0.0-previe... 45 5/13/2020 2,847,336 9/19/2019 25,280 8/8/2019 63,569 4/3/2019 39,821 1/10/2019 1,695 11/29/2018 5,523 9/5/2018 53,072 7/25/2018 10,876 6/13/2018 6,449 12/20/2017 7,133 11/15/2017 1,018 10/5/2017 5,732 8/23/2017 782 7/12/2017 1,145 6/1/2017 11,847 3/8/2017 220 2/17/2017 302 2/3/2017
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