This DSC module is used to deploy and configure SharePoint Server 2013, 2016 and 2019, and covers a wide range of areas including web apps, service apps and farm configuration.

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There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
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Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name SharePointDSC -RequiredVersion

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DesiredStateConfiguration DSC DSCResourceKit DSCResource


Invoke-SPDSCCommand Get-SPDSCInstalledProductVersion Get-SPDSCContentService Rename-SPDSCParamValue Add-SPDSCUserToLocalAdmin Remove-SPDSCUserToLocalAdmin Test-SPDSCObjectHasProperty Test-SPDSCRunAsCredential Test-SPDSCUserIsLocalAdmin Test-SPDscParameterState Test-SPDSCIsADUser Test-SPDSCRunningAsFarmAccount Set-SPDscObjectPropertyIfValuePresent Get-SPDSCUserProfileSubTypeManager Get-SPDscOSVersion Get-SPDSCRegistryKey Resolve-SPDscSecurityIdentifier Get-SPDscFarmProductsInfo Get-SPDscFarmVersionInfo Convert-SPDscADGroupIDToName Convert-SPDscADGroupNameToID


Add-SPDSCUserToLocalAdmin Clear-SPDscKerberosToken Convert-SPDscADGroupIDToName Convert-SPDscADGroupNameToID Convert-SPDscHashtableToString Get-SPDscOSVersion Get-SPDSCAssemblyVersion Get-SPDSCBuildVersion Get-SPDscFarmAccount Get-SPDscFarmAccountName Get-SPDscFarmVersionInfo Get-SPDscFarmProductsInfo Get-SPDscRegProductsInfo Get-SPDSCRegistryKey Get-SPDSCServiceContext Get-SPDSCContentService Get-SPDSCUserProfileSubTypeManager Get-SPDSCInstalledProductVersion Invoke-SPDSCCommand Rename-SPDSCParamValue Remove-SPDSCUserToLocalAdmin Resolve-SPDscSecurityIdentifier Test-SPDSCObjectHasProperty Test-SPDSCRunAsCredential Test-SPDSCRunningAsFarmAccount Test-SPDscParameterState Test-SPDSCUserIsLocalAdmin Test-SPDSCIsADUser Set-SPDscObjectPropertyIfValuePresent Remove-SPDSCGenericObject Format-OfficePatchGUID ConvertTo-TwoDigitFlipString ConvertTo-ReverseString


SPAccessServiceApp SPAccessServices2010 SPAlternateUrl SPAntivirusSettings SPAppCatalog SPAppDomain SPAppManagementServiceApp SPAppStoreSettings SPAuthenticationRealm SPBCSServiceApp SPBlobCacheSettings SPCacheAccounts SPConfigWizard SPContentDatabase SPDatabaseAAG SPDesignerSettings SPDiagnosticLoggingSettings SPDiagnosticsProvider SPDistributedCacheClientSettings SPDistributedCacheService SPExcelServiceApp SPFarm SPFarmAdministrators SPFarmPropertyBag SPFarmSolution SPFeature SPHealthAnalyzerRuleState SPIncomingEmailSettings SPInfoPathFormsServiceConfig SPInstall SPInstallLanguagePack SPInstallPrereqs SPIrmSettings SPLogLevel SPMachineTranslationServiceApp SPManagedAccount SPManagedMetaDataServiceApp SPManagedMetaDataServiceAppDefault SPManagedPath SPMinRoleCompliance SPOfficeOnlineServerBinding SPOutgoingEmailSettings SPPasswordChangeSettings SPPerformancePointServiceApp SPPowerPointAutomationServiceApp SPProductUpdate SPProjectServerAdditionalSettings SPProjectServerADResourcePoolSync SPProjectServerGlobalPermissions SPProjectServerGroup SPProjectServerLicense SPProjectServerPermissionMode SPProjectServerServiceApp SPProjectServerTimeSheetSettings SPProjectServerUserSyncSettings SPProjectServerWssSettings SPPublishServiceApplication SPQuotaTemplate SPRemoteFarmTrust SPSearchAuthoritativePage SPSearchContentSource SPSearchCrawlerImpactRule SPSearchCrawlMapping SPSearchCrawlRule SPSearchFileType SPSearchIndexPartition SPSearchManagedProperty SPSearchMetadataCategory SPSearchResultSource SPSearchServiceApp SPSearchServiceSettings SPSearchTopology SPSecureStoreServiceApp SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig SPSelfServiceSiteCreation SPServiceAppPool SPServiceAppProxyGroup SPServiceAppSecurity SPServiceIdentity SPServiceInstance SPSessionStateService SPShellAdmins SPSite SPSiteUrl SPStateServiceApp SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApp SPTimerJobState SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuerProviderRealms SPTrustedRootAuthority SPUsageApplication SPUserProfileProperty SPUserProfileSection SPUserProfileServiceApp SPUserProfileServiceAppPermissions SPUserProfileSyncConnection SPUserProfileSyncService SPVisioServiceApp SPWeb SPWebAppAuthentication SPWebAppBlockedFileTypes SPWebAppClientCallableSettings SPWebAppGeneralSettings SPWebApplication SPWebApplicationAppDomain SPWebApplicationExtension SPWebAppPeoplePickerSettings SPWebAppPermissions SPWebAppPolicy SPWebAppPropertyBag SPWebAppProxyGroup SPWebAppSiteUseAndDeletion SPWebAppSuiteBar SPWebAppThrottlingSettings SPWebAppWorkflowSettings SPWordAutomationServiceApp SPWorkflowService SPWorkManagementServiceApp


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

     * Changes to SharePointDsc unit testing
       * Implemented Strict Mode version 1 for all code run during unit tests.
       * Changed InstallAccount into PSDscRunAsCredential parameter in examples
     * SPAuthenticationRealm
       * New resource for setting farm authentication realm
     * SPConfigWizard
       * Updated PSConfig parameters according recommendations in blog post of
         Stefan Gossner
     * SPDistributedCacheService
       * Fixed exception on Stop-SPServiceInstance with SharePoint 2019
     * SPFarm
       * Improved logging
       * Added ability to manage the Developer Dashboard settings
     * SPFarmSolution
       * Fixed issue where uninstalling a solution would not work as expected if it
         contained web application resources.
     * SPIncomingEmailSettings
       * New resource for configuring incoming email settings
     * SPInstallPrereqs
       * Improved logging
       * Corrected detection for Windows Server 2019
       * Corrected support for Windows Server 2019 for SharePoint 2016
     * SPProductUpgrade
       * Fixed issue where upgrading SP2013 would not properly detect the installed
       * Fixed issue where the localized SharePoint 2019 CU was detected as a
         Service Pack for a Language Pack
     * SPSearchAuthorativePage
       * Fixed issue where modifying search query would not target the correct
         search application
     * SPSearchResultSource
       * Updated resource to allow localized ProviderTypes
     * SPServiceAppSecurity
       * Updated resource to allow localized permission levels
     * SPServiceInstance
       * Added -All switch to resolve 'Unable to locate service application' in SP2013
     * SPSite
       * Improved logging
     * SPUserProfileProperty
       * Fix user profile property mappings does not work
     * SPUserProfileServiceApp
       * Added warning message when MySiteHostLocation is not specified. This is
         currently not required, which results in an error. Will be corrected in
         SPDsc v4.0 (is a breaking change).
     * SPUserProfileSyncConnection
       * Fixed issue where test resource never would return true for any configurations
         on SharePoint 2016/2019
       * Fixed issue where updating existing connection never would work for any
         configurations on SharePoint 2016/2019
       * Updated documentation to reflect that Fore will not impact configurations for
         SharePoint 2016/2019. Updated the test method accordingly.
     * SPUserProfileSyncService
       * Fixed issue where failure to configure the sync service would not throw error
     * SPWebAppPeoplePickerSettings
       * Converted password for access account to secure string. Previsouly
         the resource would fail setting the password and an exeption was thrown that
         printed the password in clear text.
     * SPWebAppPolicy
       * Fixed issue where parameter MembersToExclude did not work as expected
     * SPWorkflowService
       * Added support for specifying scope name.
       * Added support for detecting incorrect configuration for scope name and

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
4.1.0-previe... 8 5/11/2020
4.0.1-previe... 4 5/5/2020
4.0.0 5,295 4/28/2020
4.0.0-previe... 7 4/28/2020
4.0.0-previe... 7 4/28/2020
4.0.0-previe... 10 3/31/2020
4.0.0-previe... 3 3/27/2020
3.9.0-previe... 5 3/19/2020
3.8.0 11,624 2/27/2020
3.8.0-previe... 5 2/25/2020
3.8.0-previe... 7 2/18/2020
3.8.0-previe... 3 2/18/2020
3.8.0-previe... 11 1/24/2020
3.8.0-previe... 3 1/17/2020
3.8.0-previe... 5 1/16/2020 22,591 10/30/2019 15,317 8/12/2019 9,394 6/26/2019 8,918 5/15/2019 16,233 4/3/2019 (current version) 34,069 2/20/2019 4,156 11/29/2018 1,438 11/12/2018 2,725 10/25/2018 10,017 9/5/2018 10,156 7/25/2018 3,571 6/13/2018 8,032 3/22/2018 2,983 2/8/2018 2,292 12/20/2017 11,824 10/5/2017 7,252 7/12/2017 1,266 5/31/2017 12,655 3/8/2017 1,455 12/14/2016 668 11/2/2016 853 9/21/2016 475 8/10/2016 576 6/29/2016 272 6/7/2016
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