Easy way to connect to or disconnect from VPN, using Sonic Wall VPN client.

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Install-Module -Name SonicWallVPN

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Petr Kubát


(c) 2015 Petr Kubát. All rights reserved.



VPN SonicWallVPN


Enable-SonicVPN Disable-SonicVPN Reset-SonicVpnUser Reset-SonicVpnPassword


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

### Version
* Updated module manifest with exported functions and exported aliases

### Version
* fixed bug in Disable-SonicVpn, so it is taking profilename from saved file.

### Version
* Enhanced a PSD1 file so it contains valuable information about the module

### Version
* Added new cmdlets to be able to reset password or username (Reset-SonicVpnUser, Reset-SonicVpnPassword)
* Added prompt for saving VPN profile name, so you will be asked for it only for the first time

### Version
* Repaired the module so it is actually working
* Enhanced the module with advices from PSScriptAnalyzer
* some minor changes

### Version
* Initial release
* Actually not working as PowershellGallery module...

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.1.1 (current version) 680 4/12/2016
1.1.0 12 4/12/2016
1.0.1 63 12/11/2015
1.0.0 16 12/11/2015
0.9.0 14 12/9/2015
0.8.1 40 10/13/2015