Module with DSC resources for deployment and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server.

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Install-Module -Name SqlServerDsc -RequiredVersion 13.3.0

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Release Notes

# Change log for SqlServerDsc

The format is based on and uses the types of changes according to [Keep a Changelog](https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0/),
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](https://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0.html).

For older change log history see the [historic changelog](HISTORIC_CHANGELOG.md).

## [Unreleased]

### Added

- SqlServerDsc
 - Added continuous delivery with a new CI pipeline.
   - Update build.ps1 from latest template.

### Changed

- SqlServerDsc
 - Add .gitattributes file to checkout file correctly with CRLF.
 - Updated .vscode/analyzersettings.psd1 file to correct use PSSA rules
   and custom rules in VS Code.
 - Fix hashtables to align with style guideline ([issue #1437](https://github.com/PowerShell/SqlServerDsc/issues/1437)).
 - Updated most examples to remove the need for the variable `$ConfigurationData`,
   and fixed style issues.
 - Ignore commit in `GitVersion.yml` to force the correct initial release.
 - Set a display name on all the jobs and tasks in the CI pipeline.
 - Removing file 'Tests.depend.ps1' as it is no longer required.
- SqlServerMaxDop
 - Fix line endings in code which did not use the correct format.
- SqlAlwaysOnService
 - The integration test has been temporarily disabled because when
   the cluster feature is installed it requires a reboot on the
   Windows Server 2019 build worker.
- SqlDatabaseRole
 - Update unit test to have the correct description on the `Describe`-block
   for the test of `Set-TargetResource`.
- SqlServerRole
 - Add support for nested role membership ([issue #1452](https://github.com/dsccommunity/SqlServerDsc/issues/1452))
 - Removed use of case-sensitive Contains() function when evalutating role membership.
   ([issue #1153](https://github.com/dsccommunity/SqlServerDsc/issues/1153))
 - Refactored mocks and unit tests to increase performance. ([issue #979](https://github.com/dsccommunity/SqlServerDsc/issues/979))

### Fixed

- SqlServerDsc
 - Fixed unit tests to call the function `Invoke-TestSetup` outside the
 - Update GitVersion.yml with the correct regular expression.
 - Fix import statement in all tests, making sure it throws if module
   DscResource.Test cannot be imported.
- SqlAlwaysOnService
 - When failing to enable AlwaysOn the resource should now fail with an
   error ([issue #1190](https://github.com/dsccommunity/SqlServerDsc/issues/1190)).
- SqlAgListener
 - Fix IPv6 addresses failing Test-TargetResource after listener creation.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
13.3.1-previ... 12 1/18/2020
13.3.0 (current version) 82,295 1/17/2020
13.3.0-previ... 3 1/17/2020
13.3.0-previ... 10 1/12/2020
13.3.0-previ... 4 1/8/2020
13.3.0-previ... 7 1/7/2020
13.3.0-previ... 3 1/3/2020
13.3.0-previ... 3 1/2/2020
13.3.0-previ... 5 1/2/2020 774,632 9/19/2019 34,065 8/8/2019 25,209 6/26/2019 15,897 5/15/2019 20,770 4/3/2019 39,616 2/20/2019 8,330 1/10/2019 19,323 10/25/2018 13,627 9/5/2018 15,918 7/25/2018 7,023 6/13/2018 3,810 5/2/2018 4,039 3/22/2018 8,049 2/8/2018 3,504 12/14/2017