This module contains all resources related to the PowerShell Storage module, or pertaining to disk management.

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There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

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Install-Module -Name StorageDsc -RequiredVersion

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PowerShell DSC



Package Details



DesiredStateConfiguration DSC DSCResourceKit DSCResource


Disk DiskAccessPath MountImage OpticalDiskDriveLetter WaitForDisk WaitForVolume


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

- Opt-in to Example publishing to PowerShell Gallery - fixes [Issue 186](
- DiskAccessPath:
 - Updated the resource to not assign a drive letter by default when adding
   a disk access path. Adding a Set-Partition -NoDefaultDriveLetter
   $NoDefaultDriveLetter block defaulting to true.
   When adding access paths the disks will no longer have
   drive letters automatically assigned on next reboot which is the desired
   behavior - Fixes [Issue 145](


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
5.1.0-previe... 12 2/6/2023
5.1.0-previe... 59 1/26/2023
5.1.0-previe... 3,024 4/10/2021
5.0.2-previe... 123 12/30/2020
5.0.1 156,054 8/3/2020
5.0.1-previe... 16 7/25/2020
5.0.1-previe... 11 7/25/2020
5.0.1-previe... 19 6/20/2020
5.0.0 23,501 5/5/2020
5.0.0-previe... 15 5/3/2020
5.0.0-previe... 28 4/15/2020 83,896 10/30/2019 26,911 8/8/2019 56,002 5/15/2019 60,042 4/3/2019 (current version) 39,388 2/20/2019 8,768 1/10/2019 6,582 11/29/2018 4,283 10/25/2018 9,535 9/5/2018 35,442 2/8/2018
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