A wrapper for the CloudEndure migration/DR tool APIs.

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Install-Module -Name TMConsole.Provider.CloudEndure

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CloudEndure CE Migration AWS Azure GCP Google TransitionManager


New-CEProfile Get-CEProfile Remove-CEProfile New-CESession Get-CESession Remove-CESession New-CEBlueprint Get-CEBlueprint Set-CEBlueprint Get-CEMachineRecoveryPoints Get-CEMachineBandwidth Set-CEMachineBandwidth New-CEReplicationConfiguration Get-CEReplicationConfiguration Set-CEReplicationConfiguration Invoke-CEReverseReplication Get-CEUser Set-CEConsolePassword Set-CEEmailNotifications Get-CEAccount Get-CEAccountExtendedInfo Get-CELicense Get-CEProject Set-CEProject New-CEProject Remove-CEProject New-CECloudCredential Get-CECloudCredential Set-CECloudCredential Get-CECloud Get-CECloudRegion Get-CETargetCloud Get-CESourceCloud Get-CEMachine Remove-CEMachine Get-CEMachineReplica Set-CEMachine New-CEInstallationToken Get-CEInstallationToken Start-CEDataReplication Stop-CEDataReplication Invoke-CEMachineFailover Invoke-CEMachineTest Invoke-CEMachineCutover Invoke-CEReplicaCleanup Get-CEJobs Move-CEMachine Invoke-CELaunchTargetMachine Suspend-CEDataReplication Get-CEWindowsInstaller


Release Notes

Updated module metadata

Repackaged and distributed in TMConsole.Provider.CloudEndure
Corrected/updated API endpoints as of 2021-11.

Updated manifest to include BAMCIS.DynamicParam.

Updated Get-CEWindowsInstaller so that the web response is returned to the pipeline.

Updated Start-CEDataReplication verbose message content.

Fixed Remove-CESession when a specific Session Id is provided so that the logout works.

Updated the Set-CEMachine cmdlet to comply with the launch time updates restriction. Converted the new version, v3, from the old names for that version, v14/v15 and translated the old version v12 to v2.

Added XSRF token support for v3 and later.

Fixed Remove-CEProfile.

Fixed bug in Invoke-CEMachineCutover adding the Ids to a collection.

Update the module to comply with the new version (v15) of the API. Added new cmdlets:


All cmdlets that are version specific will throw a runtime exception if the version the CE account is tied to is not supported by the cmdlet.

Removed the Get-CEAccountSummary cmdlet because it was using an undocumented API. Added the Get-CEAccountExtendedInfo cmdlet. Updated the error handling for all of the Invoke-WebRequest calls to make errors more accessible.

Fixed numerous bugs in the Blueprint cmdlets.

Updated module for 100% API coverage including all target cloud environments, AWS, Azure, GCP, and Generic. This includes several additional cmdlets:


All of the List operations now support Offset and Limit parameters. You can also specify a non-default ProjectId or CloudCredential Id for each cmdlet that supports it.

The New-CEReplicationConfiguration cmdlet allows for the input of the SubnetId by both the long name (as presented in the CE console with VPC info) and as the normal subnet id.

This is really a BETA release, many of the cmdlets were refactored or updated with added validation or capabilities, but I may have typos or copy/paste errors I didn't catch through testing.
Please report any bugs or errors, it's just me working on it.

** NOTE : Many of the CE APIs are case sensitive, you may receive an error response if one of the JSON keys in a POST, PATCH, or DELETE body is not capitalized correctly,
use the -Verbose option to view additional details about the request to see if this may be an issue. Send me the details if you think this is the case.

Fixed typo in New-CEReplicationConfiguration.

Updated New-CESession cmdlet to reflect changes CloudEndure made to the API. Added Get-CEAccountSummary and Get-CESourceCloud cmdlets. Changed name of Get-CECloudRegions to Get-CECloudRegion and added an Id parameter.

Updated the Get-CEMachine cmdlet.

Initial Release.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 33 3/28/2022 27 1/5/2022