Sample module for interacting with UEFI from PowerShell

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Install-Module -Name UEFIv2

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Install-PSResource -Name UEFIv2

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Subject to https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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  • Michael Niehaus


Get-UEFIVariable Set-UEFIVariable Set-LHSTokenPrivilege Get-UEFISecureBootCerts Get-UEFIBootEntry Add-UEFIBootEntry Remove-UEFIBootEntry




This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Version 2.8: Added additional logic for boot entries
Version 2.7: Added partition parameter index parameter for cases where the index and number aren't the same (e.g. shrunk/new partition)
Version 2.6: Added partition parameter for UEFI boot entry creation
Version 2.5: Added UEFI boot entry cmdlets
Version 2.4: Fixed byte array size
Version 2.3: Added the ability to display any UEFI secure boot variable
Version 2.2: Added Get-UEFISecureBootCerts cmdlet
Version 2.1: Added logic to allocate a bigger buffer for Get-UEFIVariable
Version 2.0: Added -All switch to display a full list of UEFI variable names
Version 1.1: Fixed help examples
Version 1.0: Published initial version


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.8 (current version) 124,767 3/6/2024
2.7 429,684 1/25/2023
2.6 3,228 8/12/2022
2.5 623 6/29/2022
2.4 2,398 3/25/2021
2.3 1,345 1/27/2021
2.2 79 1/19/2021
2.1 351 11/26/2020
2.0 68 11/25/2020
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