The WorkflowManagerDsc module provides the ability to install and configure a Workflow Manager Farm.

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Install-Module -Name WorkflowManagerDSC

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DesiredStateConfiguration DSC DSCResourceKit DSCResource




Confirm-WmfDscEnvironmentVariables Get-WmfDscInstalledProductVersion Remove-WMDscZoneMap Set-WMDscZoneMap Test-WFDscParameterState Test-WFDSCObjectHasProperty


WorkflowManagerFarm WorkflowManagerInstall


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

       ## 1.4

       * WorkflowManagerInstall
         * Added logic to only add the EnableFirewallRules parameter to Add-SBHost
           if the value is true. This to prevent issues where the firewall is not
           enabled on a server.
         * Removed the CU5 install for the Workflow Manager Client. The update
           is not applicable for the client.
         * Workaround for faulty references to Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll,
           in WorkflowManager PowerShell module.

       ## 1.3

       * WorkflowManagerInstall
         * Added ability to install Workflow Manager Refresh package (including
           CU4), CU5 and Service Bus v1.1 with TLS 1.2 update.


       * WorkflowManagerFarm
         * Corrected small issue in schema that was added during previous change.

       ## 1.2

       * WorkflowManagerFarm
         * Added ability to specify custom database names
         * Corrected cmdlet parameters to make sure the farm is actually using
           the specified credentials


       * WorkflowManagerFarm
         * Updated resource to make sure the Windows Environment
           variables are loaded into the PowerShell session
         * Fixed typo in Get method where it returned an incorrectly
           named property

       ## 1.1

       * WorkflowManagerInstall
         * Added ability to install the Workflow Manager Client only
         * Added check to unblock setup file if it is blocked because it is coming
           from a network location. This to prevent endless wait
         * Added ability to install from a UNC path, by adding server
           to IE Local Intranet Zone. This will prevent an endless wait
           caused by security warning

       ## 1.0

       * Initial Release;


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