Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core API Wrapper Module for Zerto Virtual Manager

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Install-Module -Name ZertoApiWrapper -RequiredVersion

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Wes Carroll


(c) 2019 Wes Carroll. All rights reserved.



Zerto Automation


Add-ZertoPeerSite Checkpoint-ZertoVpg Connect-ZertoAnalytics Connect-ZertoServer Disconnect-ZertoServer Edit-ZertoVra Export-ZertoVmNicSetting Export-ZertoVpg Get-ZAAlert Get-ZADatastore Get-ZAEvent Get-ZAJournalAverageHistory Get-ZAJournalAverageSize Get-ZAJournalBreach Get-ZAJournalHistoryStat Get-ZAJournalSiteAverageHistory Get-ZAJournalSiteAverageSize Get-ZAJournalSiteHistoryStat Get-ZAJournalSiteHistorySummary Get-ZAJournalSiteSizeStat Get-ZAJournalStatusProportion Get-ZAJournalStorageStat Get-ZAJournalSummary Get-ZALicense Get-ZAMonitoring Get-ZANetworkSiteAverageIOPS Get-ZANetworkSiteAveragePerformance Get-ZANetworkSiteStat Get-ZANetworkSiteSummary Get-ZANetworkVpgAverageIOPS Get-ZANetworkVpgAveragePerformance Get-ZANetworkVpgStat Get-ZANetworkVpgSummary Get-ZARPOAccountAverage Get-ZARPOAverage Get-ZARPOBreach Get-ZARPOStat Get-ZARPOStatusProportion Get-ZARPOSummary Get-ZASite Get-ZASitePair Get-ZASiteTopology Get-ZATask Get-ZAVolume Get-ZAVpg Get-ZAzOrg Get-ZertoAlert Get-ZertoDatastore Get-ZertoEvent Get-ZertoLicense Get-ZertoLocalSite Get-ZertoPeerSite Get-ZertoProtectedVm Get-ZertoRecoveryReport Get-ZertoResourcesReport Get-ZertoServiceProfile Get-ZertoTask Get-ZertoUnprotectedVm Get-ZertoVirtualizationSite Get-ZertoVolume Get-ZertoVpg Get-ZertoVpgSetting Get-ZertoVra Get-ZertoZorg Get-ZertoZsspSession Import-ZertoVmNicSetting Import-ZertoVpg Install-ZertoVra Invoke-ZertoFailover Invoke-ZertoFailoverCommit Invoke-ZertoFailoverRollback Invoke-ZertoForceSync Invoke-ZertoMove Invoke-ZertoMoveCommit Invoke-ZertoMoveRollback New-ZertoVpg New-ZertoVpgSettingsIdentifier Remove-ZertoPeerSite Remove-ZertoVpg Remove-ZertoVpgSettingsIdentifier Resume-ZertoVpg Save-ZertoVpgSetting Set-ZertoAlert Set-ZertoLicense Start-ZertoCloneVpg Start-ZertoFailoverTest Stop-ZertoCloneVpg Stop-ZertoFailoverTest Suspend-ZertoVpg Uninstall-ZertoVra


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes


### Zerto Virtual Manager

* Added two functions to aid in bulk updating of NIC information for protected VMs. ([Issue 38](https://github.com/ZertoPublic/ZertoApiWrapper/issues/38))
 * [Export-ZertoVmNicSetting](https://github.com/ZertoPublic/ZertoApiWrapper/blob/Master/docs/Export-ZertoVmNicSettings.md)
 * [Import-ZertoVmNicSetting](https://github.com/ZertoPublic/ZertoApiWrapper/blob/Master/docs/Import-ZertoVmNicSettings.md)
* Fixed an [issue](https://github.com/ZertoPublic/ZertoApiWrapper/issues/43) where a VPG being created with a single VM member would not be parsed by the API correctly using PowerShell 5.1

### Zerto Analytics

* Fixed an [issue](https://github.com/ZertoPublic/ZertoApiWrapper/issues/36) where the Zerto Analytics Rest Request function was not checking for the token before attempting a connection.
* Fixed an [issue](https://github.com/ZertoPublic/ZertoApiWrapper/issues/40) where the `Get-ZAVpg` method would return a 404 error when a `-vpgIdentifier` parameter was specified.

### General Updates

* Updated the way that tests are invoked and parsed to ensure that both source and built module files are tested. This will ensure that what is being shipped passes all tests along with testing of the source files.
* Added additional parameter validation tests to several of the functions. On-going effort to complete stand alone unit testing of each function.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.5.1 0 9/8/2020
1.5.0 17 8/20/2020
1.4.3 72 7/8/2020
1.4.2 107 5/17/2020
1.4.1 28 5/6/2020 67 4/10/2020 179 12/1/2019 (current version) 140 8/1/2019 77 6/17/2019
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