PowerShell SDK for automating the Microsoft Graph

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Install-Module -Name autographps-sdk

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Adam Edwards


(c) 2019 Adam Edwards.



MSGraph Graph AADGraph Azure MicrosoftGraph Microsoft-Graph MS-Graph AAD-Graph REST CRUD GraphAPI poshgraph poshgraph-sdk autograph


Connect-Graph Disconnect-Graph Find-GraphLocalCertificate Get-GraphApplication Get-GraphApplicationCertificate Get-GraphApplicationConsent Get-GraphApplicationServicePrincipal Get-GraphConnectionInfo Get-GraphError Get-GraphItem Get-GraphSchema Get-GraphToken Get-GraphVersion Invoke-GraphRequest New-GraphApplication New-GraphApplicationCertificate New-GraphConnection New-GraphLocalCertificate Register-GraphApplication Remove-GraphApplication Remove-GraphApplicationCertificate Remove-GraphApplicationConsent Remove-GraphItem Set-GraphApplicationConsent Set-GraphConnectionStatus Test-Graph Unregister-GraphApplication




Core Desktop


Release Notes

# AutoGraphPS-SDK 0.10.0 Release Notes

## New dependencies


## New features

* Auto-detect PS remote sessions and invoke device code auth for delegated user auth scenarios
* Value parameter for Invoke-GraphRequest, Get-GraphItem to make $value requests
* OutputFilePrefix parameter for Invoke-GraphRequest, Get-GraphItem for sending output to the file system
* IncludeFullResponse parameter for Invoke-GraphRequest to allow retrieval of the full response object in the output
* Build script improvements -- tools obtain a specific nuget version and use it only in the context of this repository
* Azure Pipelines integration -- basic continuous integration support added.

## Fixed defects

* Fixed hang in PS remote sessions when performing delegated user auth via device code
* Fixed broken v2 auth for national clouds due to incorrectly qualified scopes

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.10.0 (current version) 193 3/18/2019
0.9.0 217 2/3/2019
0.8.1 19 1/19/2019
0.8.0 17 1/13/2019
0.7.1 25 1/8/2019
0.7.0 8 1/8/2019
0.6.2 15 1/6/2019
0.6.1 12 1/5/2019
0.6.0 15 1/2/2019
0.5.1 60 10/30/2018
0.5.0 60 9/30/2018
0.4.0 33 9/15/2018