My PowerShell pipeline build module which contains a bunch of helper functions to aid with PowerShell module deployment

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Adam Cook (@codaamok)


(c) Adam Cook (@codaamok). All rights reserved.



Build Pipeline CICD codaamok Helper


Get-BuildCommands Export-RootModule Export-ScriptsToProcess Export-UnreleasedNotes Get-BuildVersionNumber Get-PublicFunctions Invoke-BuildClean New-BuildEnvironmentVariable Install-BuildModules New-ModuleDirStructure New-ProjectDirStructure New-VSCodeTaskFile Update-BuildFiles


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

# Changed
- Removed requirement to use emoji :shipit: in commit message for pipeline to start - was pointless if I wanted to allow ad-hoc use of the pipeline via workflow dispatch
# Fixed
- Export-UnreleasedNotes threw excpetion when trying to print (an array of) release notes to the verbose output stream
- Export-UnreleasedNotes constantly wrote 'None' to the release notes and did not use the change log data

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.1.0 (current version) 7 9/18/2021
1.0.0 2 9/18/2021