Reversed Engineered Unidesk\Citrix App Layering SDK

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Install-Module -Name ctxal-sdk -RequiredVersion 0.2.5

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Ryan Butler


(c) 2018 Ryan Butler. All rights reserved.



Unidesk Citrix AppLayering CAL ELM


add-alappassignment add-alelappassignment connect-alsession disconnect-alsession Export-allayerrev get-alapplayer get-alapplayerdetail get-alAuditInfo get-alCachePointInfo get-alconnector Get-ALDirectory get-alDirectoryDetail Get-ALExportableRev get-alicon get-aliconassoc get-alimage Get-ALImageComp get-alimageDetail Get-ALImportableRev get-allayerinstalldisk get-alldapobject get-aloslayer get-aloslayerdetail Get-ALPendingOp get-alplatformlayer get-alplatformlayerDetail get-alremoteshare get-alstatus get-alSysteminfo get-alSystemsettingInfo get-aluserassignment get-aluserDetail get-aluserlist Get-ALVMName Import-allayerrev Import-aloslayer invoke-allayerfinalize Invoke-ALPublish new-alapplayer new-alapplayerrev new-aldirectory new-alicon new-alImage New-ALOsLayerRev New-ALPlatformLayer New-ALPlatformLayerRev remove-alappassignment remove-alapplayerrev remove-aldirectory remove-alelappassignment remove-alicon Remove-ALImage remove-aloslayerrev remove-alplatformlayerrev set-alapplayer set-aldirectory set-alImage stop-alworkticket test-aldirectory test-aldirectoryauth test-aldirectorydn


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

06-01-2018 BETA release
06-03-2018 Function for appliance details
06-03-2018 Fix in Get-alvmname for message text
06-04-2018 Get system info functions
06-09-2018 Better response output and clarify examples
06-20-2018 Get-ALImageComp function add
10-05-2018 Add stop-alworkticket function
10-18-2018 Add XenServer OS import option (now vcenter and xenserver)
10-18-2018 More detail for Get-ALImageComp
10-30-2018 Added functionality to export, view, create, check associations and remove icons
11-08-2018 Added functionality to export and import layers to and from network shares
11-10-2018 Cleaned up parameters and better get status returns
12-29-2018 Added functionality for directory junctions
01-22-2019 Added functionality to pull user information and assignments
01-22-2019 Much better regex for Get-AlVMName (Thanks Bill Nickerson @wnickerson78)
01-29-2019 Added ability to remove layer revisions (Thanks Siebrand Feenstra @Siebrandf)

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.2.6 3 2/18/2019
0.2.5 (current version) 12 1/30/2019
0.2.4 2 1/30/2019
0.2.3 4 1/22/2019
0.2.2 3 1/22/2019
0.2.1 11 12/30/2018
0.1.15 27 11/12/2018