Collection of Posix tools wrappers.

Minimum PowerShell version


This is a prerelease version of nxtools.
There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name nxtools -RequiredVersion 0.2.1-preview0001 -AllowPrerelease

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Gael Colas


(c) SynEdgy Limited. All rights reserved.



linux sysadmin helper


Compress-nxArchive Expand-nxArchive Compare-nxMode Get-nxChildItem Get-nxItem Set-nxGroupOwnership Set-nxMode Set-nxOwner Get-nxDpkgPackage Get-nxDpkgPackageInstalled Get-nxYumPackage Get-nxYumPackageInstalled Get-nxPackage Get-nxPackageInstalled Get-nxSupportedPackageType Get-nxDistributionInfo Get-nxKernelInfo Get-nxLinuxStandardBaseRelease Add-nxLocalGroupMember Add-nxLocalUserToGroup Disable-nxLocalUser Enable-nxLocalUser Get-nxEtcShadow Get-nxLocalGroup Get-nxLocalUser Get-nxLocalUserMemberOf New-nxLocalGroup New-nxLocalUser Remove-nxLocalGroup Remove-nxLocalGroupMember Remove-nxLocalUser Set-nxLocalGroup Set-nxLocalGroupGID Set-nxLocalGroupMember Set-nxLocalUser


nxFile nxGroup nxUser GC_LinuxGroup GC_msid110 GC_msid121 GC_msid232 GC_InstalledApplicationLinux GC_NotInstalledApplicationLinux




This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## [0.2.1-preview0001] - 2021-07-02

### Added

- Added cmdlets for Packages:
   - `Get-nxPackageInstalled`: Getting the installed package basic info, automatically finding the Package Manager.
   - `Get-nxYumPackageInstalled`: Getting the installed yum/rpm package basic info.
   - `Get-nxDpkgPackageInstalled`: Getting the installed dpkg/apt package basic info.
   - `Get-nxPackage`: Getting the installed package detailed info, automatically finding the Package Manager.
   - `Get-nxYumPackage`: Getting the installed yum/rpm package detailed info.
   - `Get-nxDpkgPackage`: Getting the installed dpkg/apt package detailed info.

- Update the classes and DSC Resources

- Added GC policy config for creating GC packages
   - InstalledApplicationLinux
   - NotInstalledApplicationLinux
   - linuxGroupsMustExclude
   - linuxGroupsMustInclude
   - msid110
   - msid121
   - msid232

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.2.1-previe... 4 7/2/2021
0.2.1-previe... (current version) 2 7/2/2021
0.2.0 103 5/25/2021
0.2.0-previe... 2 5/24/2021
0.2.0-previe... 7 4/15/2021
0.2.0-previe... 5 4/7/2021
0.1.1-previe... 3 4/7/2021
0.1.1-previe... 8 4/6/2021
0.1.1-previe... 4 4/3/2021
0.1.1-previe... 3 4/3/2021
0.1.1-previe... 4 4/2/2021