pfSense management functions built for pfSense version 2.x

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Install-Module -Name pfSense

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Chris Masters


(c) 2017 Chris Masters. All rights reserved.



pfsense firewall security vpn


Connect-pfSense Add-pfSenseUser Get-pfSenseUser Remove-pfSenseUser Export-pfSenseUserCert Revoke-pfSenseUserCert Restore-pfSenseUserCert Backup-pfSenseConfig Restore-pfSenseConfig Add-pfSenseStaticRoute Get-pfSenseStaticRoute Remove-pfSenseStaticRoute Add-pfSenseGateway Get-pfSenseGateway Remove-pfSenseGateway Get-pfSenseCa Export-pfSenseCa Export-pfSenseCrl Get-pfSenseCrl Add-pfSenseFirewallRule Get-pfSenseFirewallRule Remove-pfSenseFirewallRule Add-pfSenseNatRule Get-pfSenseNatRule Remove-pfSenseNatRule


Release Notes

Version 0.1
- Day one - it's my birfday!

Version 0.2
- Function (Export-pfSenseUserCert) : changed : Parameter validation updated.
- Function (Connect-pfSense) : changed : Added ability to ignore certificate errors

Version 0.2.1
- Module Manifest : changed : root module was missing, no commands were exporting... :(

Version 0.3
- Function (Backup-pfSenseConfig) : changed : added ability to return the config as XML
- Function (Get-pfSenseUser) : changed : getting user's detailed info no longer saves a file to disk.

Version 0.6
-Function (Export-pfSenseUserCert) : changed : there was a problem with the whole thing... rewrote. Sorry :-/

Version 0.7
-Module : changed : Removed the prerequisites installer, as the "core" module is required, and will be installed

Version 0.8
-Function (Get-pfSenseCa, Export-pfSenseCa) : Added : Functions for working CAs
-Function (Get-pfSenseCrl, Export-pfSenseCrl) : Added : Functions for working with CRLs
-Module : changed : Now requires that you have at least 1.4 of the core module.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.8 (current version) 141 12/7/2017
0.7 46 9/3/2017
0.6 8 9/1/2017
0.5 21 8/13/2017
0.4 4 8/13/2017
0.3 5 8/10/2017
0.2.1 3 8/10/2017
0.2 6 8/7/2017