Provides Connectivity and access to Microsoft Graph API

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Install-Module -Name psmsgraph -RequiredVersion

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Mark Kraus


(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

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Graph GraphAPI MSGraph MSGraphAPI PSMSGraph PSMSGraphAPI MicrosoftGraph MicrosoftGraphAPI API OAuth REST CRUD


Add-AADAppRoleAssignment Export-GraphApplication Export-GraphOauthAccessToken Get-AADGroupByDisplayName Get-AADGroupByID Get-AADGroupMember Get-AADServicePrincipalAppRoleAssignedTo Get-AADServicePrinicpalbyDisplayName Get-AADServicePrinicpalbyId Get-AADUserAll Get-AADUserAppRoleAssignment Get-AADUserByID Get-AADUserByUserPrincipalName Get-GraphOauthAccessToken Get-GraphOauthAuthorizationCode Import-GraphApplication Import-GraphOauthAccessToken Invoke-GraphRequest New-GraphApplication New-GraphOauthAccessToken Remove-AADAppRoleAssignment Update-GraphOauthAccessToken


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

# Version (2017-03-05)
## Functions

### All
* Added HelpUri and .LINK's to Comment based Help

### OAuth functions
* Standardized on "Oauth" in the function and file names (was a mix of "OAuth" and "Oath")

### Get-AADGroupMember
* Made function singular instead of plural (was Get-AADGroupMembers)
* Added Get-AADGroupMembers alias
* Fixed all the problems this rename caused and exposed with the build process and documentation

## Build Tools

### psake.ps1
* Restructured psake.ps1
- Init > UnitTests > Build > Test > BuildDocs > Deploy > Post Deploy
* Added AST based Function and Alias module manifest population (now typos in file names will not cause function export issues)
* Added NestedModule Population
* Added Release notes and change log auto processing and documentation
* PostDeploy is now local build friendly

## Tests

### PSScriptAnalyzer.tests.Ps1
* Moved out of Project.Tests.ps1
* Re-wroded the tests so they display better in AppVeyor test logs
* Removed .psd1 from the tests because it dose not appear to support suppression and certain test will falsely fail due to the text in RealseNotes

### Project.Tests.ps1
* Moved the PSScriptAnalyzer tests to PSScriptAnalyzer.tests.Ps1
* Added Unit tag to "General project validation" so it test before and after build

### New-GraphApplication.Unit.Tests.ps1
* Added Unit test for New-GraphApplication

### New-GraphOauthAccessToken.Unit.Tests.ps1
* Added Unit test for New-GraphOauthAccessToken

## Project

* Added this to server as the current release notes
* Integrates automatically with through build pipeline
* Gets copied to ```docs/```

* Added to ```docs/```
* Automatically managed by build process


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated 6,863 5/26/2019 3,849 4/30/2017 31 4/22/2017 27 4/15/2017 (current version) 54 3/5/2017 19 3/3/2017 23 3/1/2017 18 2/27/2017 19 2/26/2017 73 2/26/2017 21 2/25/2017
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