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The owner has unlisted this package. This could mean that the module is deprecated or shouldn't be used anymore.

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Install-Module -Name toko-admin -RequiredVersion 1.1.3

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Install-PSResource -Name toko-admin -Version 1.1.3

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(c) 2018 Todor Mitskovski. All rights reserved.

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  • Todor Mitskovski


iis-get-websitePort iis-show-appPoolPid iis-get-usedPorts iis-get-appPoolApps iis-create-appPool iis-get-appPools iis-delete-appPool iis-create-website iis-get-siteAppPool iis-test-isPortFree iis-add-sitePort iis-test-isSiteNameDuplicate iis-get-subAppName iis-rename-website iis-new-subApp iis-remove-subApp iis-set-sitePath clear-nugetCache os-popup-notification os-test-isPortFree execute-native unlock-allFiles sql-delete-database sql-rename-database sql-get-dbs sql-get-items sql-update-items sql-insert-items sql-delete-items sql-test-isDbNameDuplicate sql-copy-db sql-create-login sql-delete-login tfs-get-workspaces tf-query-workspaces tfs-delete-workspace tfs-create-workspace tfs-rename-workspace tfs-create-mappings tfs-checkout-file tfs-get-latestChanges tfs-undo-pendingChanges tfs-show-pendingChanges tfs-get-workspaceName tfs-get-branchPath tfs-get-lastWorkspaceChangeset iis-get-binding iis-set-binding Add-ToHostsFile Remove-FromHostsFile get-sqlClient iis-find-site


Release Notes

               iis-find-site now respects subApps
               Fixed not found IIS drive when getting all sites
               Getting branch sometimes gets fake result for specific location where it should return none.
               TF.exe error stream is redirected to powershell error stream.
               New api via global object
                   Find site name by path.
                   Errors from native operations improper error code handling when nesting scopes of modules.
                   Added SqlClient object API
                   Removed errors when unlocking files
               Add user configuration for tfPath
               Fix: default credentials not found for sql and server name for TFS
               Fixed unlocking files
               Ability to quickly add entries to hosts file. Add-ToHostsFile and Remove-FromHostsFile
               Initial release containing commonly used administration tasks on windows automated.
               Contains scripts for MSSQL, IIS, Windows, Nuget, TFS.


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