Easy log management for scripts
+ Provide simple log-* functions to add log to yours scripts
+ Use handlers for logging on console, file, event log
+ eventlog handler provide information to identify the source script, level, username
                   support -Keep parameter to send the messages in only on event

Minimum PowerShell version


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Install-Module -Name uLog

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Sebastien KAIFFER


(c) 2017 Sebastien KAIFFER. All rights reserved.



Log logger logging


Get-Header New-uLog New-LogRecord Write-Log Start-BuildFunctions Log-Trace Log-Verbose Log-Debug Log-Success Log-Info Log-Information Log-Warn Log-Warning Log-Error Log-Critical Log-Fatal New-uLogConsole New-uLogFile Get-EventLevel New-uLogEventLog New-uLogMail Format-FileDefault Format-FileNoIndent Format-EventlogDefault Format-ConsoleDefault Format-MailDefault Format-ccmtrace


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes Debug in mail.psm1, if no credentials are provided Debug for PowerShell 3.0
Add event handler on PowerShell closing, so log handlers are flushed Add mail handler,
Add ccmtrace (trace32) formatter
code refactoring
support for -Keep Debug Level in New-LogRecord. Cast to [LogLevel], previously it was a [String] and generate a bug when comparing log levels Add support for log level Add support to exclude handlers with -Exclude parameter

Version History

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