Various functions for extending the functionality of PowerCLI (VMware).

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Install-Module -Name vFunctions

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Joe Acosta


(c) 2019 Joe Acosta. All rights reserved.



650 650FLB Code Console ESX ESXi Folder pid PowerCLI RDM Tag Task USB VIB VMHost VMware vSphere


Find-VMByIP Format-VMHostPercentage Get-DataStoreLunID Get-DataStorePercentageFree Get-ESXiInfo Get-Info650 Get-PathSelectionPolicy Get-PereniallyReserved Get-SnapShotData Get-TagInfo Get-VIB Get-VMHostScsiPath Get-VMHostUpTime Get-VMHostWWN Get-VMIP Get-VMpid Get-VMToolOutdated Get-VMTotalSize Get-VSphereAlarm Get-VSphereAlarmConfig Get-VSphereLicense Get-VSphereSession Get-VSphereStatus Install-ESXi Install-VIB Invoke-VMConsolidation Invoke-VMHostHBARescan Open-Console Restart-EsxLogging Set-PathSelectionPolicy Set-PereniallyReserved Set-VSphereAlarmConfig Show-ConnectedCD Show-DrsRule Show-FolderContent Show-FolderPath Show-RDM Show-SS Show-TaskInfo Show-USBController Show-VMHostNetworkInfo Show-VMHostVirtualPortGroup Show-VMResource Start-SSH Stop-SSH Stop-VMpid Stop-VSphereSession UnInstall-VIB Update-VIB


Release Notes

Read examples for function use.
       Added three Advanced Functions:  Get-ESXiInfo , Open-Console , Show-TaskInfo.
       Changed ConfirmImpact to medium on Set-VSphereAlarmConfig
       Removed helper function MakeHash; created vClass for MakeHash duties
       Modified the four AFs below to use vClass for MakeHash.  Show-VMHostVirtualPortGroup uses vClass for Object creation.
       Get-DataStoreLunID, Get-PathSelectionPolicy, Set-PathSelectionPolicy , Show-DrsRule , Show-VMHostVirtualPortGroup

Version History

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