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By: | 30,822 downloads | Last Updated: 2/6/2023 | Latest Version: 0.5.0

The [ConvertFrom-SourceTable] cmdlet creates objects from a fixed column source table possibly surrounded by horizontal and/or vertical rulers. **Definitions:** * The width of a source table column is outlined by the header width, the ruler width and the width of the data. * Column and Data alignment (none, left, right or justified) is defined... More info

By: | 17,300 downloads | Last Updated: 4/5/2022 | Latest Version: 2.0.1

Scrapes (extracts) a HTML table from a string or the internet location

By: | 60 downloads | Last Updated: 1/3/2023 | Latest Version: 1.0

Reading an Excel Xlsx file and convert a csv file to Excel Xlsx format

By: | 35 downloads | Last Updated: 3/13/2023 | Latest Version: 1.0.1

Reads a secure string credential from the user