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By: | 7,193 downloads | Last Updated: 12/12/2020 | Latest Version: 1.1.4

SysAdminsFriends is a module that provides some tools that are useful for system administrators. * Export-FirewallRules, Import-FirewallRules, Remove-FirewallRules for firewall rules * Get-Sessions retrieves information on logon sessions * Start-Webserver is a Powershell web server without IIS * ConvertTo-Batch converts short Powershell scripts... More info

By: | 2,735 downloads | Last Updated: 10/2/2015 | Latest Version: 1.1.0

Contains the ZoneSite resource, which adds or removes sites from zones for the current user in Internet Exporer Internet Settings.

By: | 408 downloads | Last Updated: 3/16/2022 | Latest Version: 1.5

this script will setup Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients Msal for use with powershell 5.1, 6, and 7 KustoObj will be created as $global:kusto to hold properties and run methods from use the following to save and pass arguments: [net.servicePointManager]::Expect100Continue = $true;[net.servicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [net.SecurityProtocolTyp... More info

By: | 271 downloads | Last Updated: 6/13/2023 | Latest Version: 1.3

Get location and selected items from most recently focused Explorer window or tab

By: | 339 downloads | Last Updated: 5/30/2021 | Latest Version: 1.3.1

Opens, resizes, and arranges multiple Explorer windows at specified paths in a grid fashion to fit a screen, or multiple screens.

By: | 178 downloads | Last Updated: 5/19/2022 | Latest Version: 21.0.8137.1

CData Cmdlets for AWS Cost Explorer