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By: | 1,978 downloads | Last Updated: 3/3/2021 | Latest Version:

This module is a tool to work with JSON Web Tokens.

By: | 2,607 downloads | Last Updated: 9/14/2022 | Latest Version: 2.0.20

Tools for managing, troubleshooting, and reporting on various aspects of Microsoft Identity products and services, primarily Azure AD.

By: | 1,142 downloads | Last Updated: 7/8/2022 | Latest Version: 1.7.13

This PowerShell module contains functions that facilitate the creation, validation, and decoding of JWTs (JSON Web Tokens) as well as the creation of JWKs (JSON Web Keys).

By: | 208 downloads | Last Updated: 9/18/2020 | Latest Version: 0.1.0

Module to manage JWT tokens.