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Tools for interacting with the Microsoft Graph Api

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PoShPRTG is a comprehensive module for administering PRTG NETWORK MONITOR ( It eases the rollout-/deployment process for new machines and managment of existing machines with all there sensors. The shipped cmdlets are used to call the PRTG API ( All cmdlet... More info

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Module to version check all installed modules. Helps to stay up-to-date with further developing on modules in the community

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Module for handling subscriptions for Windows Event Forwarding plattform. All cmdlets are build with - powershell regular verbs - with pipeling availabilties where it is practical - logging on verbose channel

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Module for interpreting and transforming Microsoft Exchange server transport log files. Anyboday, who tried to read native transport log files in exchange, will know, how much it is worth to have an single line/ single object which can be exported to a csv, xml or spit out into an database for later analytical processing.

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Yet another hello world module