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This PowerShell Module can be used to access the Cisco Meraki Rest API and extract information regarding the configuration. Current functionality provides the ability to export configuration information, which can be used for reporting. - Command Get-MerakiDeviceUplink has been added to the list of functions - Code contributed by Darrell Port... More info

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The PSRandomUser Module enables you to create random user accounts. This module can be used to create random user accounts for testing purposes. Commands included enable the easy creation of Temporary Active Directory user accounts. This module is not intended for use in production environments.

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A PowerShell Module that can be used to extract data from the NovelCOVID API ( Updated so that Country codes are now sourced from ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 English country names and code elements.

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A simple wrapper for the function Resolve-DNSName to perform DNS queries against a pre-defined list of public DNS Servers and a dynamic list of internal DNS Servers


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The PasswordWolf Password Module was created using Invoke-RestMethod to access the API which then parses the JSON and harvests the generated passwords. I have included all of the options and pre-configured the parameter defaults, replicating the website settings. " More info

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The PSIISCrypto Module was created to enable administrators to install and configure IISCrypto using PowerShell. The functions available allow you to download the latest version of IISCrypto from the Nartac website and also to install IISCrypto and update to the latest version of the software. The tooling also enables you to run IISCrypto and deplo... More info