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Write-Log is a simple PowerShell Logger for your script. Write-Log write the log on the console with color (INFO/WARNING : Yellow, SUCCESS : Green,ERROR : Red, DEBUG : DarkYellow) and create and log file on the execution folder of the script. The default name of the log is YourScriptName_log.txt Usage : Write-Log [-errorLevel] {INFO | SUC... More info

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SSHManagement is a module to help you to manage your SSH Server in Powershell. If you use SSH with powershell, you can save and find easily your SSH Server, by Name or Tags with SSHManagement. Usage : Get-SSHServer [[-Tag] <string>] [[-Name] <string>] [[-IP]<switch>] Add-SSHServer [-Name] <string> [-IP] <string> [[-Tags] <string[]>] Set-SSH... More info