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AutoSpamEmailScan.ps1 is used to monitor a specific mailbox that in enterprise users can forward suspicious spam emails to a specific mailbox. This PowerShell script can monitor the mailbox for any unread emails, grab the URLs and attachments from the emails and submit to virustotal.com, urlscan.io, Google safe browsing and OPSWAT. Script also can ... More info

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CSRtoCER.ps1 is used to view the information from a CSR file and generate the certificate based on the CSR file. This PowerShell will grab the information such as "Subject", "Key Length", "SANs", "Template" from the CSR file. If the SANs is not empty in the CSR file, the script will use the CSR file’s setting. If there's no SANs in CSR file, script... More info

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"Email_To_SMS_Call.ps1" is used to monitor a specific mailbox that some important emails you don't want to miss and check later. When the condition matched, the script will send a SMS message to you or make a phone call to you. It can be used to monitor IT system warning emails or security alert emails to different team by different time range. ... More info

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ESA_SPAM_QUARANTINE_BLOCKLIST.ps1 is used to add "email address" or "domain name" into ESA SPAM QUARANTINE BLOCKLIST by calling the ESA API. ESA_SPAM_QUARANTINE_BLOCKLIST.ps1 [-Sender] <string> [[-Recipient] <String>]