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PowerShell's built-in BackgroundJob jobs (Start-Job) are run in separate processes on the local machine. They provide excellent isolation but are resource heavy. Running hundreds of BackgroundJob jobs can quickly absorb system resources. This module extends the existing PowerShell BackgroundJob to include a new thread based ThreadJob job. ... More info

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This module provides a convenient way for a user to store and retrieve secrets. The secrets are stored in registered extension vaults. An extension vault can store secrets locally or remotely. SecretManagement coordinates access to the secrets through the registered vaults. Go to GitHub for more information about the module and to submit iss... More info

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This PowerShell module is an extension vault for the PowerShell SecretManagement module. As an extension vault, this module stores secrets to the local machine based on the current user account context. The secrets are encrypted on file using .NET Crypto APIs. A password is required in the default configuration. The configuration can be chang... More info

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This module contains remoting tool cmdlets. Enable-SSHRemoting cmdlet: -------------------------- PowerShell SSH remoting was implemented in PowerShell 6.0 but requries SSH (client) and SSHD (service) components to be installed. In addition the sshd_config configuration file must be updated to define a PowerShell endpoint as a subsystem.... More info