By: | 2,445,081 downloads | Last Updated: 8/24/2021 | Latest Version: 1.20.0

PSScriptAnalyzer provides script analysis and checks for potential code defects in the scripts by applying a group of built-in or customized rules on the scripts being analyzed.

By: | 197,960 downloads | Last Updated: 12/11/2018 | Latest Version: 0.0.4

WARNING: This module is use-at-your-own-risk - it exists to test web cmdlets in PowerShell Core with. It is unsupported by Microsoft. This module provides functionality for creating, processing and manipulating self-signed certificates in PowerShell. It aims to be broadly useful and cross-platform, but is not intended for production use. I... More info

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This script can be used to easily install Visual Studio Code and the PowerShell extension on your machine. You may also specify additional extensions to be installed using the -AdditionalExtensions parameter. The -LaunchWhenDone parameter will cause VS Code to be launched as soon as installation has completed. Please contribute improvements to th... More info

By: | 3,242 downloads | Last Updated: 4/14/2020 | Latest Version: 0.1.1

Get parameter completion for native Unix utilities. Requires zsh or bash.


By: | 435 downloads | Last Updated: 3/29/2021 | Latest Version: 0.1.0-alpha1

An ARM template domain-specific language provider, allowing you to create ARM templates in pure PowerShell.