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Toms Admin Kit - a collection of tools

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This script uses the Hyper-V Module to update permissions for all assigned disks on one ore more VMs. This is useful if you move/replace VHDs and the read permission for VMId is missing.

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Use Azure Cognitive Services Speech Service to convert text to speech using PowerShell.

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This is a wrapper function for the SEFAUtil tool from the Lync Resource Kit Tools. It's intendet purpose is to make dealing with the cmdline tool easier. The default Value for the Path parameter assumes Skype for Business 2015 Resource Kit Tools are installed at C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server 2015\ResKit. This function requires version ... More info

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This function uses Invoke-RestMethod to send structured data to Splunk HTTP Event Collector. Use the HostName and DateTime parameters to control Splunk's 'host' and 'time' properties for the generated event.

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This script uses the CiscoUcs PowerTool to get information about one or more service profiles and creates SIST zoning configuration for NX-OS. The Targets device-aliases as well as the name for the ZoneSet and the VSAN can be specified with parameters. Zone names will be automatically created. Now supports multiple targets and UCS Central. Get the ... More info

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This function uses [ADSI] to test group membership based on the security token of the account. You can pipe objects of the type [Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADAccount[]] to this function. The function writes $true or $false fore each tested object. This function makes use of Richard Muellers "PowerShell script to check group membership". C... More info

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Start a web listener that listens on a specified port and simply answers to any request, returning JSON object containing the request. Requires administrative rights to create the listener.

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A SHiPS provider for

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Deletes log files, parameters can be used to specify the root folder, whether or not to include subfolders, a file extension filter and the age. This is intended to be run as scheduled task to regularly clean-up log files.