A core set of common PowerShell cmdlets used across a number of modules or on their own in common scripts.

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Install-Module -Name BAMCIS.Common -RequiredVersion

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Michael Haken


(c) 2017 BAMCIS. All rights reserved.



DynamicParam Registry Parallel Multithread Runspace Convert


Get-RegistryKeyEntries Invoke-WhereNotMatchIn Test-RegistryKeyProperty Test-IsLocalAdmin Invoke-ForEachParallel Invoke-CommandInNewRunspace Start-ProcessWait Invoke-Using ConvertFrom-Xml ConvertTo-HtmlTable Merge-Hashtables ConvertTo-Hashtable Convert-SecureStringToString ConvertFrom-UnixTimestamp ConvertTo-UnixTimestamp Get-PropertyValue Get-UnboundParameterValue Import-UnboundParameterCode New-DynamicParameter Import-Assembly


Release Notes

Added Import-Assembly cmdlet.

Added an encoding parameter to Convert-SecureStringToString.

Added the Test-IsLocalAdmin cmdlet.

Added ConvertFrom-UnixTimestamp and ConvertTo-UnixTimestamp cmdlets.

Updated manifest.

Moved logging cmdlets to their own module.

Initial Release. This module has been separated from the HostUtilities module to provide a lighter weight module that is more reusable across other modules.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated 3,045 12/6/2018 (current version) 911 1/25/2018 24 1/25/2018 154 1/7/2018 98 12/14/2017 132 10/30/2017 43 10/26/2017 30 10/26/2017