DSC resources for managing certificates on a Windows Server.

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Install-Module -Name CertificateDsc -RequiredVersion 5.0.0

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DesiredStateConfiguration DSC DSCResource Certificate PKI


CertificateExport CertificateImport CertReq PfxImport WaitForCertificateServices


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Release Notes

## [5.0.0] - 2020-10-16

### Changed

- Corrected incorrectly located entries in `CHANGELOG.MD`.
- Fix bug `Find-Certificate` when invalid certificate path is passed - fixes
 [Issue #208](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/208).
- CertReq:
 - Added `Get-CertificateCommonName` function as a fix for multiple
   certificates being issued when having a third party CA which doesn't
   format the Issuer CN in the same order as a MS CA - fixes [Issue #207](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/207).
 - Updated `Compare-CertificateIssuer` to use the new
   `Get-CertificateCommonName` function.
 - Added check for X500 subject name in Get-TargetResource, which already
   exists in Test- and Set-TargetResource - fixes [Issue #210](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/210).
 - Corrected name of working path to remove `x` - fixes [Issue #211](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/211).
- BREAKING CHANGE: Changed resource prefix from MSFT to DSC.
- Updated to use continuous delivery pattern using Azure DevOps - Fixes
 [Issue #215](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/215).
- Updated Examples and Module Manifest to be DSC Community from Microsoft.
- Fix style issues in `Certificate.PDT` and `Certificate.Common` modules.
- Update badges in README.MD to refer to correct pipeline.
- Correct version number in `GitVersion.yml` file.
- Change Azure DevOps Pipeline definition to include `source/*` - Fixes [Issue #226](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/226).
- Updated pipeline to use `latest` version of `ModuleBuilder` - Fixes [Issue #226](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/226).
- Merge `HISTORIC_CHANGELOG.md` into `CHANGELOG.md` - Fixes [Issue #227](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/227).
- Fixed build failures caused by changes in `ModuleBuilder` module v1.7.0
 by changing `CopyDirectories` to `CopyPaths` - Fixes [Issue #230](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/230).
- Updated to use the common module _DscResource.Common_ - Fixes [Issue #229](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/229).
- Pin `Pester` module to 4.10.1 because Pester 5.0 is missing code
 coverage - Fixes [Issue #233](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/233).
- Added a catch for certreq generic errors which fixes [Issue #224](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/224)
- CertificateDsc
 - Automatically publish documentation to GitHub Wiki - Fixes [Issue #235](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/235).

### Added

- PfxImport:
 - Added example showing importing private key using `PsDscRunAsCredential`
   to specify an administrator account - Fixes [Issue #213](https://github.com/dsccommunity/CertificateDsc/issues/213).

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
5.1.0-previe... 5 2/23/2021
5.1.0-previe... 11 2/19/2021
5.0.1-previe... 11 2/11/2021
5.0.1-previe... 20 12/31/2020
5.0.0 (current version) 17,211 10/16/2020
5.0.0-previe... 10 8/30/2020
5.0.0-previe... 49 7/5/2020
5.0.0-previe... 34 5/22/2020
5.0.0-previe... 9 5/17/2020
5.0.0-previe... 34 4/1/2020 15,483,841 6/26/2019 10,792 5/15/2019 18,266 4/3/2019 35,977 2/20/2019 2,443 1/10/2019 6,487 9/5/2018 14,043 6/13/2018 122,644 5/3/2018