PowerShell module for Disaster Recovery in Cisco HyperFlex Systems

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Install-Module -Name Cisco.HXPowerCLI

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Get-HXJsonConfig Invoke-HXRunbook New-HXRunbook Start-HXVM Add-HXProtectedVMToGroup Connect-HXCluster Disconnect-HXCluster Get-HXCluster Get-HXProtectedVM Get-HXProtectionGroup Get-HXTaskStatus Invoke-HXFailover Invoke-HXMigrate Invoke-HXPrepareFailover Invoke-HXPrepareGroupMigrate Invoke-HXPrepareGroupRecovery Invoke-HXPrepareReverseProtect Invoke-HXReverseProtect Invoke-HXTestFailover New-HXProtectionGroup Protect-HXVM Remove-HXProtectedVMFromGroup Remove-HXProtectionGroup Unprotect-HXVM Wait-HXTask


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

This version is compatible with Cisco HyperFlex v4.5.
New Features:
1. [Invoke-HXRunbook] cmldet: A new cmdlet has been introduced to combine generation and execution of runbook into a single cmdlet. Aplicable for TestRecovery and PlannedMigration modes only.
2. [Start-HXVM] cmdlet: Cmldet to power on HX VM(s). Runbook scripts will contain Start-HXVM cmdlet statements instead of the older PowerOn-Vms function.
3. New session variables introduced which will be exported to the shell after every runbook generation. List of variable for different sceanrios:
a) Json Variables:
b) Runbook Script File Path:
$HxRunbookTestRecovery, $HxRunbookCleanup
$HxRunbookDisasterRecovery, $HxRunbookReverseProtect
c) Runbook Recovery Execution Summary:

1. Paramter [-DelayInPowerOn] added to [New-HXRunbook] cmdlet: To put delay in between power on operation
2. Switch [-ValidateRecovery] added to all recovery([Invoke-HX*]) cmdlets: To warn for already receoverd VMs instead of terminating the execution.
3. Parameter [-PersistConnection] added to [New-HXRunbook] cmdlet: To persist the cluster connection in the current session even after runbook generation.
3. Runbook execution sumamry will be displayed in addition to runbook execution status.
4. Default log location has been changed to the runbook generation folder

Deprecated cmdlets:

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 610 1/10/2021 507 2/12/2020 441 4/22/2019 140 1/15/2019 41 11/29/2018 31 10/31/2018 19 10/23/2018