Gainz: Protect Data Module

Deprecated: Renaming to Gz-ProtectData

ProtectData provides functions/cmdlets that will encrypt and decrypt string or
binary data with a SecureString password or a private key made of an array of

By default, the encrypted value will also contain a computed hash of the
data to verify integrity.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name Gainz-ProtectData

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Install-PSResource -Name Gainz-ProtectData

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Nerdy Mishka Michael Herndon


(c) 2018 Nerdy Mishka. All rights reserved.

Package Details



Protect Protect-String Protect-Blob Data DevOps Gz Gainz NerdyMishka


Protect-Blob Protect-String Get-ProtectOptions Unprotect-Blob Unprotect-String ConvertTo-UnprotectedBytes


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

0.1.2 - Renaming to Gz-ProtectData
0.1.0 - Early Release

The module is not documented yet. Blob and String encryption works with a
password or a private key made of bytes.  


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.1.2 (current version) 347 3/17/2019
0.1.1 163 10/28/2018
0.1.0 77 8/31/2018