PowerShell cmdlets for the Google Cloud Platform.

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Install-Module -Name GoogleCloudBeta

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Google Cloud Compute Storage GCS GCE SQL DNS PubSub Logging


Get-BqDataset Set-BqDataset New-BqDataset Remove-BqDataset Get-BqTable Set-BqTable New-BqTable Remove-BqTable New-BqSchema Set-BqSchema Add-BqTableRow Get-BqTableRow Get-BqJob Start-BqJob Receive-BqJob Stop-BqJob Get-GkeCluster New-GkeNodeConfig Add-GkeCluster Set-GkeCluster Remove-GkeCluster Add-GkeNodePool Get-GkeNodePool New-GkeNodePool




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This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

This module contains a set of cmdlets that let you manage Google Cloud Platform resources.
Currently, the supported resources are Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine,
Google Cloud DNS and Google Cloud SQL.

The module also contains a PowerShell provider for Google Cloud Storage. This provider allows
you to use commands like 'cd', 'dir', 'copy' and 'del' to navigate and manipulate your data
in Cloud Storage as if the data were on a local file system.

The module requires Google Cloud SDK to work.

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