This PowerShell module provides a wrapper for the Hadoop File System REST API (webhdfs).

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Install-Module -Name HDFS

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Michael Haken


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Hadoop HDFS webhdfs


New-HDFSSession Remove-HDFSSession Get-HDFSSession Get-HDFSItem Get-HDFSChildItem New-HDFSItem Remove-HDFSItem Merge-HDFSItem Rename-HDFSItem Resize-HDFSItem Get-HDFSHomeDirectory Set-HDFSItem Get-HDFSTrashRoot Get-HDFSContent Add-HDFSContent Get-HDFSAcl Set-HDFSAcl Test-HDFSAccess Get-HDFSStoragePolicy Set-HDFSStoragePolicy Remove-HDFSStoragePolicy Get-HDFSFileBlockLocations Get-HDFSXAttr Set-HDFSXAttr Remove-HDFSXAttr New-HDFSSnapshot Rename-HDFSSnapshot Remove-HDFSSnapshot Get-HDFSDelegationToken Update-HDFSDelegationToken Revoke-HDFSDelegationToken


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Added a Credential parameter for New-HDFSSession and changed the parameter name for the Kerberos token from KerberosCredential to SPNEGOToken. Users should prefer using the Credential parameter for Kerberos auth over creating their own SPNEGO token.

Changed file input process with New-HDFSItem.

Added the ability to send file content to HDFS with New-HDFSItem

Improved error handling. Added -Confirm and -Force functionality where applicable.

Initial Release.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.1 (current version) 337 3/10/2020 216 6/7/2018 27 6/7/2018 78 12/10/2017 55 11/25/2017