Great command line editing in the PowerShell console host

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Install-Module -Name PSReadLine -RequiredVersion

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Jason Shirk


(c) 2013. All rights reserved.



This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

New features:
* SamplePSReadlineProfile.ps1 added with examples of custom key bindings
* Word movement takes DigitArgument
* HistoryNoDuplicates now works a little differently
   - Dupicates are saved (it was a dubious memory optimization anyway)
   - Recall will recall the most recently executed item instead of the first
* When at the last word, NextWord/ForwardWord now move to the end of line instead
 of the last character of the word.
* HistorySearchBackward/HistorySearchForward changes behavior slightly:
   - use emphasis like InteractiveHistorySearch
   - cursor always moves to end like PreviousHistory/NextHistory
* New api GetSelectionState to get the current selection (if any).
* New functions:
   - SelectBackwardsLine
   - SelectLine
   - SelectAll
   - CopyOrCancelLine
* New key bindings in Windows mode:
   - Alt+0 through Alt+9 and Alt+-: DigitArgument
   - Ctrl+R/Ctrl+S for interactive history search

Bug fixes:
* Backspace after a failed interactive history search (Ctrl+R) caused searching
 to fail if you typed anything other than backspace.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.0-beta3 15,231 9/4/2018
2.0.0-beta2 6,632 6/4/2018
2.0.0-beta1 1,785 12/6/2017
1.2 60,819 1/25/2016 6,363 2/18/2015 722 8/26/2014 132 6/13/2014 16 6/13/2014 19 6/11/2014 (current version) 130 5/7/2014
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