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This is a prerelease version of PSReadLine.
There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

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Install-Module -Name PSReadLine -RequiredVersion 2.0.0-beta2 -AllowPrerelease

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Get-PSReadLineKeyHandler Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler Remove-PSReadLineKeyHandler Get-PSReadLineOption Set-PSReadLineOption




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Release Notes

### Version 2.0.0-beta2

Pre-release notes:

Bug fixes:

* Fix issue with keyboard layout changes (#667) (Thanks @powercode)
* Fix cursor placement after window resize (#682) (Thanks @jianyunt)
* Fix rendering of long lines on non-Windows (#686) (Thanks @jianyunt)
* Fix Ctrl+h/Backspace on non-Windows (#619) (Thanks @daxian-dbw)
* Fix some custom key bindings on Windows (#580) (Thanks @daxian-dbw)
* Fixed CompleteMenu in vi insert mode (#651) (Thanks @srdubya)
* Fix ExtraPromptLineCount for ClearScreen (#634) (Thanks @daxian-dbw)
* Support color escape sequences in PromptText (#653) (Thanks @powercode)
* Support Ctrl+u in vi insert mode (#628) (Thanks @srdubya)
* Fix keys needing AltGr (#617)
* Fix vi-mode cursor placement issues (#623) (Thanks @srdubya)
* Ignore exceptions when setting OutputEncoding
* Fix hang on closing on pre-Win10 (#609)
* Enable Ctrl+c on non-Windows (#610)
* Improve VT emulation for pre-Win10 (#605)

### Version 2.0.0-beta1

Pre-release notes:

There are known issues:

* Some custom key bindings are broken (#580)

Breaking changes:
* Requires PowerShell V5 or later and .Net 4.6.1
* Set-PSReadLineOption options have changed
 - To specify colors, use the new `-Color` parameter and pass a Hashtable
 - All other color options have been removed include `-ResetTokenColors`
 - To specify background colors, you must now use a VT escape sequence.
* Changing the end of the prompt to red may not work automatically anymore if
 your prompt is non-trivial. To fix, use `Set-PSReadLineOption -PromptText "> "`.
* Consistently use `PSReadLine` instead of `PSReadline` everywhere, APIs, cmdlets, files, etc.
* Building requires VS2017

New features:
* Interactive filtering during menu complete (#515) (Thanks @MVKozlov!)
* Redirected input now works (#564) (Thanks @parkovski!)
* Tooltips always on in MenuComplete (only displayed
 if they give more information than the completion.)
* Get-PSReadLineKeyHandler output is grouped by category. (#114)
* Support for VT escape sequences to specify colors.
* Shift+Insert bound to Paste in Windows mode (#484)
* Ctrl+t bound to SwapCharacters in Emacs mode (#538) (Thanks andrewcromwell!)
* Ctrl+x,Ctrl+e bound to ViEditVisually in Emacs mode (#478)
* HistoryNoDuplicates is now on by default (#208)

Bug fixes:
* DeleteChar no longer deletes any text left of the cursor in Windows/Emacs
 and matches vim behavior of working like <x> in command mode.
* Fix InvokePrompt when the prompt is > 1 line.
* Fix YankToPercent off by 1 error.
* Fix error reported when running in container.
* Catch and ignore execptions in InvokePrompt (#583)
* Get new completions on 2nd tab if 1st had 1 result (#238)
* Tab replaced with 4 spaces during paste (#144)
* Fix rendering after buffer resize (#418)
* Invoke external editor w/o AcceptLine (#339)
* Fix exception with UpArrow after a command line edit in vi-mode (#573) (Thanks @srdubya!)
* Treat DingDuration=0 as BellStyle.None (#364)
* Color long name parameters like --force as a parameter (#398)
* Allow CaptureScreen to be used w/o a key binding (#419)
* Ignore duplicates during tab completion (#413)
* Fix exception with negative count in Delete (#502)
* Use correct help file name (#507)
* Fix exception in ShowKeyBinding w/ custom handler (#505)
* Normalize filename for saving history (#512)
* Treat end of buffer as whitespace for vi words (#536)
* Fix exception with invalid CompletionResult (#534)
* Fix exception with negative count in Kill* (#540) (Thanks andrewcromwell!)
* Fixes to SwapCharacters (#538) (Thanks andrewcromwell!)
* Fix cursor placement with CJK characters (#542)
* Fix key bindings with certain Windows keyboard layouts (#168 #556)
* Remove Ding from Backspace on an empty line (#422)
* Fix occasional hang reading history file (#524)
* HistorySearchCursorMovesToEnd previously only worked in incremental search.
 It is now on by default, honored in the non-incremental search (HistorySearch)
 and also in Vi Command mode for non-search history recall. (#438 #530) (Thanks @srdubya!)

(For older history see Changes.txt)

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.0-rc2 2,439 1/14/2020
2.0.0-rc1 6,110 12/11/2019
2.0.0-beta6 4,371 11/14/2019
2.0.0-beta5 12,620 9/13/2019
2.0.0-beta4 14,392 5/7/2019
2.0.0-beta3 30,165 9/4/2018
2.0.0-beta2 (current version) 7,211 6/4/2018
2.0.0-beta1 1,870 12/6/2017
1.2 95,658 1/25/2016 6,513 2/18/2015 726 8/26/2014 136 6/13/2014 22 6/13/2014 22 6/11/2014 138 5/7/2014
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