PesterHelpers contains helper functions to help users move all their existing PowerShell Code in to seperate PowerShell ps1 files (for each function exported) whilst auto creating a Pester test for the exported function

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Install-Module -Name PesterHelpers

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Ryan Yates


? 2016 PowerShellModules



Export-Function New-FunctionFile New-FunctionPesterTest New-ModulePesterTest Export-AllModuleFunction


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Updated to ensure compatability with Powershell V2

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.0.6 (current version) 939 7/31/2016
0.0.5 10 7/31/2016
0.0.4 51 6/5/2016
0.0.3 11 6/5/2016
0.0.2 8 6/5/2016
0.0.1 24 5/24/2016