ACMEv2 protocol client for generating certificates using Let''s Encrypt (or other ACMEv2 compliant CA)

This is a custom build intended allow compatibility with .NET 4.6.1. It should not be used with PowerShell Core and you should only attempt to use RSA based key options.

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Install-Module -Name Posh-ACME.net46 -RequiredVersion 3.0.0

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Ryan Bolger


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LetsEncrypt ssl tls certificates acme


Get-DnsPluginHelp Get-DnsPlugins Get-KeyAuthorization Get-PAAccount Get-PAAuthorizations Get-PACertificate Get-PAOrder Get-PAServer New-PAAccount New-PACertificate New-PAOrder Publish-DnsChallenge Remove-PAAccount Remove-PAOrder Save-DnsChallenge Send-ChallengeAck Set-PAAccount Set-PAOrder Set-PAServer Submit-ChallengeValidation Submit-OrderFinalize Submit-Renewal Unpublish-DnsChallenge




This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## 3.0.0 (2018-11-13)

* Potentially breaking changes
 * Many ACME protocol messages that previously used GET requests have been changed to POST-as-GET to comply with the latest ACME draft-16. Let's Encrypt already supports the new draft, but other ACME servers may not yet.
 * `CertIssueTimeout` param was removed from `New-PACertificate` and `Submit-OrderFinalize` because it wasn't actually being used properly in the former and doesn't seem necessary anymore.
* New Feature: Generate certs from an existing certificate request which can be useful for appliances that generate their own keys and CSRs. (Thanks @virot)
 * New `CSRPath` parameter on `New-PACertificate` and `New-PAOrder` that removes the need for `Domain`, `CertKeyLength`, `NewCertKey`, `OCSPMustStaple`, `FriendlyName`, `PfxPass`, and `Install` parameters when used. Most values will be extracted from the CSR.
 * Certs generated using this method will not have PFX files created because there is no private key.
 * Certs generated using this method can not be automatically installed to the Windows cert store because there are no PFX files.
* `Get-KeyAuthorization` now has `ForDNS` parameter which returns the actual TXT value necessary for the dns-01 challenge. (Thanks @chandan1001)
* Added new DNS plugins
 * IBMSoftLayer (IBM Cloud DNS)
 * AutoDNS (InternetX XML Gateway)
* Fix for some validation params not getting set properly on new instances of old orders
* Fix for Windows plugin not using `$dnsParams` appropriately (Thanks @B4dM4n)

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.12.0 61 12/10/2019
3.11.0 29 11/12/2019
3.10.0 9 11/6/2019
3.9.0 14 10/26/2019
3.8.0 20 9/27/2019
3.7.0 7 9/18/2019
3.6.0 25 8/20/2019
3.5.0 1,228 6/21/2019
3.4.0 37 4/30/2019
3.3.0 15 3/24/2019
3.2.1 20 3/4/2019
3.2.0 22 1/22/2019
3.1.1 989 12/22/2018
3.1.0 5 12/16/2018
3.0.1 30 11/30/2018
3.0.0 (current version) 30 11/13/2018
2.9.1 8 10/26/2018
2.9.0 12 10/6/2018
2.8.0 152 9/12/2018
2.7.1 5 8/30/2018
2.7.0 13 8/12/2018
2.6.0 4 8/1/2018
2.5.0 11 7/13/2018
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