ACMEv2 protocol client for generating certificates using Let''s Encrypt (or other ACMEv2 compliant CA)

This is a custom build intended allow compatibility with .NET 4.6.1. It should not be used with PowerShell Core and you should only attempt to use RSA based key options.

Minimum PowerShell version


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Install-Module -Name Posh-ACME.net46

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Ryan Bolger


(c) 2018 Ryan Bolger. All rights reserved.



LetsEncrypt ssl tls certificates acme


Get-DnsPluginHelp Get-DnsPlugins Get-KeyAuthorization Get-PAAccount Get-PAAuthorizations Get-PACertificate Get-PAOrder Get-PAServer New-PAAccount New-PACertificate New-PAOrder Publish-DnsChallenge Remove-PAAccount Remove-PAOrder Save-DnsChallenge Send-ChallengeAck Set-PAAccount Set-PAOrder Set-PAServer Submit-ChallengeValidation Submit-OrderFinalize Submit-Renewal Unpublish-DnsChallenge




This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

* Route53 plugin now has IAM Role support if you're running Posh-ACME from within AWS. See plugin usage guide for details (#128)
* Dynu plugin migrated to v2 of the Dynu API
* Fixed DNSPlugin and DNSAlias arrays not getting expanded properly when the number of names in the cert didn't match the values in those arrays.
* Fixed validation bugs when using SAN certs with challenge aliases or multiple different plugins (#127) (Thanks @whbingham)
* Revamped serialization/deserialization for plugin arguments which should prevent accidentally creating parameter binding conflicts when switching between parameter sets for a particular plugin (#129).

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.3.0 (current version) 11 3/24/2019
3.2.1 16 3/4/2019
3.2.0 20 1/22/2019
3.1.1 539 12/22/2018
3.1.0 4 12/16/2018
3.0.1 29 11/30/2018
3.0.0 28 11/13/2018
2.9.1 7 10/26/2018
2.9.0 11 10/6/2018
2.8.0 148 9/12/2018
2.7.1 4 8/30/2018
2.7.0 12 8/12/2018
2.6.0 3 8/1/2018
2.5.0 10 7/13/2018