Infoblox WAPI (REST API) related commands.

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Install-Module -Name Posh-IBWAPI -RequiredVersion 4.0.0

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Ryan Bolger


(c) 2017-2022 Ryan Bolger. All rights reserved.

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Infoblox IPAM WAPI REST Linux Mac


Get-IBConfig Get-IBObject Get-IBSchema Invoke-IBFunction Invoke-IBWAPI New-IBObject Receive-IBFile Remove-IBConfig Remove-IBObject Send-IBFile Set-IBConfig Set-IBObject


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Release Notes

## 4.0.0 (2022-10-14)

### New Features

* `Get/New/Set/Remove-IBObject` all now have a `-BatchMode` switch and `-BatchGroupSize` integer parameter. Using these can increase performance when used with pipeline input by grouping the objects into fewer WAPI calls using the WAPI `request` object instead of making a separate call for each input.
 * WAPI seems to treat these batch requests as a single transaction. So if one of the requests in a group fails, the rest are cancelled/reverted.
 * The default batch group size is 1000 which corresponds to the maximum page size when doing Get queries. But there is no Infoblox documented maximum, so the size can theoretically be increased to the Int32 maximum of 2147483647.
* The module now supports running stateless by using an environment variable based connection profile. [(Guide)](https://docs.dvolve.net/Posh-IBWAPI/v4/Guides/Stateless-Mode/)
* Connection profiles can now be stored using PowerShell SecretManagement instead of a local config file. [(Guide)](https://docs.dvolve.net/Posh-IBWAPI/v4/Guides/Using-SecretManagement/)
* Documentation Revamp
 * https://docs.dvolve.net/Posh-IBWAPI/ is a new dedicated website for Posh-IBWAPI documentation. Existing guides and tutorials have been migrated there from the Github wiki. The site is currently generated using the Markdown files in the `docs` folder in the main project repository by [MkDocs](https://www.mkdocs.org/). So it should now be easier to contribute fixes and updates.
 * The native module help is now also generated by [platyPS](https://github.com/PowerShell/platyPS) from the Markdown files in `docs/Functions`.
 * `Get-Help <function name> -Online` should now open your browser to the appropriate page on the documentation site.

### Enhancements

* The `-Filter` parameter on `Get-IBObject` now supports using an IDictionary (such as a hashtable) to specify filters rather than just a string array.
 * For example, `-Filter @{'name~'='myrec'}` is the same as `-Filter 'name~=myrec'`.
 * Filters passed by dictionary will be automatically URL encoded instead of the caller needing to URL encode the filters in advance. This most useful when using regular expressions with a lot of special characters.
 * String based filters will continue to be passed as-is in the HTTP GET request like they were prior to 4.0.
* The module will keep a cache of "readable fields" when `Get-IBObject` is used with `-ReturnAll` so that subsequent calls for all fields from the same object type won't need to make additional schema queries.
* `Invoke-IBWAPI` will now automatically handle UTF-8 encoding JSON bodies when `-ContentType` is not specified. When `-ContentType` is specified, the body parameter will be sent as-is.
* `Invoke-IBWAPI` has an additional parameter set which takes a `-WAPIHost`, `-WAPIVersion`, and `-Query` parameter instead of the normal `-Uri` parameter.
* Tweaked Verbose and Debug logging throughout the module. JSON request bodies are now included in the Verbose output for functions that send them.

### Breaking Changes

* Most errors returned by the WAPI have been changed from terminating to non-terminating errors to better adhere to PowerShell standards. This will have a few notable effects on scripts using this module:
 * If there is an error thrown from one of the input objects when using the pipeline, the error will be sent to the error stream and the pipeline will continue processing the next object instead of terminating.
 * When you call a module function from within a script and it generates an error, the error will be sent to the error stream and the rest of the script will still be executed instead of terminating.
 * If your scripts currently depend on functions throwing terminating errors, you can re-enable that behavior by passing the `-ErrorAction Stop` parameter or setting the `$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'` variable which is normally set to `Continue`.
* The minimum PowerShell version requirements have been increased to 5.1 for legacy Windows PowerShell and 7.0 for cross-platform PowerShell. Partial functionality may still work on older versions, but they are no longer being tested against.
* The `-Filters` parameter on `Get-IBObject` has been renamed to `-Filter` but will continue to have a `-Filters` alias until at least the next major version.
* The `-ReturnAllFields` parameter on `Get-IBObject` has been renamed to `-ReturnAll` but will continue to have a `-ReturnAllFields` alias until at least the next major version.
* The `-ReturnBaseFields` paraemter on `Get/Set/New-IBObject` has been renamed to `-ReturnBase` but will continue to have a `-ReturnBaseFields` alias until at least the next major version.
* The `-ReturnFields` parameter on `Get/Set/New-IBObject` has been renamed to `-ReturnField` but will continue to have a `-ReturnFields` alias until at least the next major version.
* Automatic migration from 1.x connection profiles is no longer supported.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
4.0.1 3,816 10/17/2022
4.0.0 (current version) 57 10/14/2022
3.2.2 2,244 3/17/2022
3.2.1 971 8/2/2021
3.2.0 1,808 9/21/2020
3.1.2 845 4/15/2020
3.1.1 5,252 3/10/2020
3.1.0 1,585 8/23/2019
3.0.0 649 4/20/2019
2.0.1 29 4/19/2019
2.0.0 24 4/18/2019
1.6.0 3,533 4/4/2019
1.5.0 849 9/28/2018
1.4 462 4/26/2018
1.3 296 1/25/2018
1.2.2 47 1/13/2018
1.2.1 29 1/9/2018
1.2 139 10/1/2017
1.1.2 37 9/4/2017
1.1.1 89 5/26/2017
1.1 20 5/26/2017
1.0.1 40 4/27/2017
1.0 65 4/20/2017
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