A PowerShell module for querying and managing Sonarr PVR through its API's.

Minimum PowerShell version


There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name PoshSonarr -RequiredVersion 1.4.7

Copy and Paste the following command to install this package using Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet More Info

Install-PSResource -Name PoshSonarr -Version 1.4.7

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Mike Garvey


(c) 2019-2023 Yevrag35, LLC. All rights reserved.

Package Details



Api Backup Calendar Connect dll Episode Json .NET Manage Newtonsoft PVR Quality Radarr Refresh Rescan Rss Series Sonarr Status Sync Website


Get-Calendar Get-Command Get-CommandHistory Invoke-Backup Invoke-EpisodeSearch Invoke-RssSync Invoke-SeasonSearch Invoke-SeriesRefresh Invoke-SeriesRescan Invoke-SeriesSearch Get-HostConfig Set-HostConfig Connect-Instance Disconnect-Instance Test-Instance Get-DelayProfile New-DelayProfile Set-DelayProfile Get-DownloadClient Remove-DownloadClient Update-DownloadClient Get-Episode Get-EpisodeFile Remove-EpisodeFile Set-Episode Search-Directory Get-History Get-Indexer Get-IndexerOptions New-Indexer New-IndexerTemplate Remove-Indexer Set-IndexerOptions Clear-Log Get-Log Get-LogFIle Save-LogFile Get-ManualImport Invoke-ManualImport Get-MediaManagement Update-MediaManagement Get-Metadata Update-Metadata Get-Notification New-PlexNotification Remove-Notification Update-Notification Get-QualityDefinition Disable-Quality Enable-Quality Get-QualityProfile New-QualityProfile Remove-QualityProfile Update-QualityProfile Get-Queue Remove-QueueItem Add-Release New-ReleasePush Search-Release Get-Mapping New-Mapping Remove-Mapping Set-Mapping Get-Restriction New-Restriction Remove-Restriction Set-Restriction Get-RootFolder Register-RootFolder Remove-RootFolder Add-Series Get-Series Remove-Series Search-Series Set-Series Get-Backup Get-Diskspace Get-Status Restart-Instance Show-HiddenData Add-Tag Get-Tag New-Tag Remove-Tag Rename-Tag Get-Update Get-WantedMissing


Core Desktop


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Getting rid of most 'System.Enum' items.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.0-beta1 6 11/12/2023
2.0.0-alpha1 5 10/15/2023
1.4.7 (current version) 79 9/17/2023
1.4.6 5 9/16/2023
1.4.5 433 9/17/2022
1.4.3 401 10/4/2020
1.4.2 95 8/1/2020
1.4.1 79 7/29/2020
1.4.0 80 7/26/2020
1.3.1 94 6/17/2020
1.3.0 110 3/22/2020
1.3.0-gamma 78 3/18/2020
1.3.0-delta 75 3/17/2020
1.3.0-beta2 78 3/10/2020
1.3.0-alpha 82 1/13/2020
1.2.1 128 9/21/2019
1.2.0 92 8/21/2019
1.1.2 93 8/3/2019
1.1.2-delta 77 8/1/2019
1.1.2-beta 75 7/30/2019
1.1.2-alpha 75 7/29/2019
1.1.1 76 7/28/2019
1.1.0 79 7/26/2019
1.0.0 77 7/25/2019 133 12/1/2018
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