A PowerShell module to talk to the vRealize Network Insight API

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Install-Module -Name PowervRNI -RequiredVersion 2.0.173

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Martijn Smit


Copyright 2021 VMware. All rights reserved.



Connect-vRNIServer Connect-NIServer Disable-vRNIDataSource Disconnect-vRNIServer Enable-vRNIDataSource Get-vRNIAPIVersion Get-vRNIApplication Get-vRNIApplicationTier Get-vRNIDataSource Get-vRNIDatastore Get-vRNIDistributedSwitch Get-vRNIDistributedSwitchPortGroup Get-vRNIEntity Get-vRNIEntityName Get-vRNIFirewallRule Get-vRNIFlow Get-vRNIHost Get-vRNIHostVMKNic Get-vRNIIPSet Get-vRNIL2Network Get-vRNINodes Get-vRNINSXManager Get-vRNIProblem Get-vRNIRecommendedRules Get-vRNIRecommendedRulesNsxBundle Get-vRNISecurityGroup Get-vRNISecurityTag Get-vRNIService Get-vRNIServiceGroup Get-vRNIvCenter Get-vRNIvCenterCluster Get-vRNIvCenterDatacenter Get-vRNIvCenterFolder Get-vRNIVM Get-vRNIVMvNIC Get-vRNIDataSourceSNMPConfig Get-vRNISDDC Invoke-vRNIRestMethod New-vRNIApplication New-vRNIApplicationTier New-vRNIDataSource Remove-vRNIApplication Remove-vRNIApplicationTier Remove-vRNIDataSource Set-vRNIDataSourceSNMPConfig New-vRNISubnetMapping Get-vRNISubnetMapping Get-vRNIEastWestIP Add-vRNIEastWestIP Remove-vRNIEastWestIP Get-vRNINorthSouthIP Add-vRNINorthSouthIP Remove-vRNINorthSouthIP Get-vRNISettingsVIDM Set-vRNISettingsVIDM Get-vRNISettingsUserGroup Set-vRNISettingsUserGroup Remove-vRNISettingsUserGroup Get-vRNISettingsUser Set-vRNISettingsUser Remove-vRNISettingsUser Get-vRNIAuditLogs Get-vRNIApplicationMemberVM Set-vRNIUserPassword Get-vRNIKubernetesServices Update-vRNIDataSourceData Update-vRNINSXvControllerClusterPassword Get-vRNIEntityNames Invoke-vRNISearch Get-vRNILicensing Test-vRNILicensing Install-vRNILicensing Remove-vRNILicensing Get-vRNIBackup Get-vRNIBackupStatus Remove-vRNIBackup Enable-vRNIBackup Disable-vRNIBackup Set-vRNIBackup Get-vRNIDatabusSubscriber New-vRNIDatabusSubscriber Remove-vRNIDatabusSubscriber


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

### v2.0 - 2021-10-05
 - \[new] Connect-NIServer: Add support for vRNI Cloud locations by adding the -Location parameter
 - \[new] New-vRNIDataSource: Add support for Cisco ASR and ISR models (types: CISCOASRISR, CISCOASR1000, CISCOISR4000)
 - \[new] Get-vRNISDDC: New cmdlet to retrieve SDDC objects
 - \[new] Get-vRNIDatabusSubscriber: New cmdlet to retrieve all databus subscribers
 - \[new] New-vRNIDatabusSubscriber: New cmdlet to create a databus subscriber
 - \[new] Remove-vRNIDatabusSubscriber: New cmdlet to remove a databus subscriber

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
6.51.185 220 3/7/2022
6.5.183 56 2/9/2022
6.5.181 31 1/28/2022
2.0.173 (current version) 164 10/5/2021
2.0.172 6 10/5/2021
1.9.164 125 7/9/2021
1.8.131 435 3/27/2020
1.7.119 134 11/17/2019
1.6.93 187 5/14/2019
1.5.89 22 5/6/2019
1.4.74 143 10/13/2018
1.3.72 20 9/30/2018
1.2.69 40 9/2/2018
1.1.64 61 7/15/2018
1.0.33 126 3/4/2018