PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) base module which implements a general purpose set of Cmdlets.

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Install-Module -Name Pscx -RequiredVersion

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PowerShell Community Developers


Copyright PowerShell Community Developers 2006 - 2013.



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This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

PSCX Release Notes:
   PowerShell version checking bug fixed with WMI nested module.
   Import-VisualStudioVars updated to add VS2013 support.
   Get-Parameter updated to version 2.8 from
   Get-FileTail updated to open file FileShare.Delete perm to allow the file
       to be deleted while being tailed.
   Invoke-Ternary / Invoke-NullCoalescing fixed to be able to access variables
       in intermediate scopes.
   New-Junction/Symlink/Hardlink - moved PSPath parameter alias from
       LiteralPath parameter to TargetPath parameter.  Path passed to
       LiteralPath can't exist so makes more sense for pipeline binding
       DirectoryInfo objects to TargetPath.  You can now do
       Get-Item .\foodir | New-Junction foodirJunction.
   Updated DigiCert digital certificates used for script signing.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.3.2 120,619 1/17/2018
3.3.1 9,951 10/13/2017
3.3.0 2,725 9/6/2017
3.2.2 20,071 6/30/2016 4,520 7/29/2015 742 10/24/2014 (current version) 174 4/17/2014
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