PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) base module which implements a general purpose set of Cmdlets.

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Install-Module -Name Pscx -RequiredVersion 3.3.0

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PowerShell Community Developers


Copyright PowerShell Community Developers 2006 - 2017.



Utilities Xml Zip Clipboard Base64 ShortPath PEHeader CD


Add-PathVariable Clear-MSMQueue ConvertFrom-Base64 ConvertTo-Base64 ConvertTo-MacOs9LineEnding ConvertTo-Metric ConvertTo-UnixLineEnding ConvertTo-WindowsLineEnding Convert-Xml Disconnect-TerminalSession Edit-File Expand-Archive Export-Bitmap Format-Byte Format-Hex Format-Xml Get-ADObject Get-AdoConnection Get-AdoDataProvider Get-Clipboard Get-DhcpServer Get-DomainController Get-DriveInfo Get-EnvironmentBlock Get-FileTail Get-FileVersionInfo Get-ForegroundWindow Get-Hash Get-HttpResource Get-LoremIpsum Get-MountPoint Get-MSMQueue Get-OpticalDriveInfo Get-PathVariable Get-PEHeader Get-Privilege Get-PSSnapinHelp Get-ReparsePoint Get-RunningObject Get-ShortPath Get-TerminalSession Get-TypeName Get-Uptime Import-Bitmap Invoke-AdoCommand Invoke-Apartment Join-String New-Hardlink New-Junction New-MSMQueue New-Shortcut New-Symlink Out-Clipboard Ping-Host Pop-EnvironmentBlock Push-EnvironmentBlock Read-Archive Receive-MSMQueue Remove-MountPoint Remove-ReparsePoint Resolve-Host Send-MSMQueue Send-SmtpMail Set-BitmapSize Set-Clipboard Set-FileTime Set-ForegroundWindow Set-PathVariable Set-Privilege Set-VolumeLabel Skip-Object Split-String Stop-TerminalSession Test-AlternateDataStream Test-Assembly Test-MSMQueue Test-Script Test-UserGroupMembership Test-Xml Write-BZip2 Write-Clipboard Write-GZip Write-Tar Write-Zip


Add-DirectoryLength Add-ShortPath Edit-Profile Edit-HostProfile Enable-OpenPowerShellHere Get-ExecutionTime Get-Help Get-Parameter Get-PropertyValue Get-ScreenCss Get-ScreenHtml Get-ViewDefinition help Import-VisualStudioVars Invoke-BatchFile Invoke-Elevated Invoke-GC Invoke-Method Invoke-NullCoalescing Invoke-Ternary less New-HashObject Out-Speech prompt QuoteList QuoteString Resolve-ErrorRecord Resolve-HResult Resolve-WindowsError Search-Transcript Set-Writable Set-ReadOnly Show-Tree Start-PowerShell Stop-RemoteProcess Set-LocationEx Dismount-VHD Mount-VHD


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

What's New in PSCX 3.3.0
September 5, 2017

* Fix issues with CD functionality not working on PowerShell Core.

* Updated Import-VisualStudioVars to support Visual Studio 2017.

What's New in PSCX 3.2.2
June 25, 2016

* Added better support for VS 2015 to Import-VisualStudioVars
 If you do not specify an architecture than VsDevCmd.bat is called
 otherwise vcvarsall.bat with the specified architecture is called.
 This function will now output messages output the batch file.  This
 is useful if you specify an architecture, say ARM, which you haven't
 installed support for.  You will now see that message from the batch
 file. Also added support for VS '15' using version number '150'.

* Use Unicode chars for Show-Tree for all code pages.  User can always
 fall back to using ASCII chars with -UseAsciiLineArt

* Updated aliases to prefix all associated commands with the PSCX module

* PSCX has moved to GitHub for further development:

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.3.2 77,127 1/17/2018
3.3.1 9,313 10/13/2017
3.3.0 (current version) 2,698 9/6/2017
3.2.2 19,001 6/30/2016 4,514 7/29/2015 684 10/24/2014 170 4/17/2014