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Install-Module -Name WozTools

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Install-PSResource -Name WozTools

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Add-EnvPath Add-Font Add-PSModulePath Convert-FileLength Convert-SecureString Convert-WSLPath ConvertTo-TitleCase Enable-FileSizeFormat Get-CurrentUser Get-ElementName Get-EnumerateFiles Get-EnvPath Get-GitHubUserRepo Get-HostEntry Get-InstalledSoftware Get-ItemFromClipboard Get-ParameterValues Get-PSWinUpdates Get-RedirectedUrl Get-RedirectedUrlAsync Get-RelativePath Get-ShortPath Get-UserAgent Import-Prompt Invoke-7zExtract Invoke-ChocoUpgradeAll Invoke-GitClone Invoke-InDirectory Invoke-Parser Invoke-psEdit Invoke-ReArmLicense Invoke-UrlUtility Join-Url New-ANSIString New-DevPad Open-NotepadPlusPlus Remove-BadCharacters Remove-Diacritics Remove-EnvPath Start-PSLogging Test-IfAdmin Test-PendingReboot Test-Url Write-CustomError Write-MyProgress Write-PSLog Test-Function


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This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

v3.0.0  - Added - "Write-MyProgress" and "Add-Font"
"Add-Font" works great in consoles, simplifies installing new fonts for use in a terminal
"Write-MyProgress" - wrapper for "Write-Progress"

Renamed "Enable-FileSize" to "Enable-FileSizeFormat"
Enable-FileSizeFormat only Updates one format data file Lib\Formatting\MyCustomFileInfo.format.ps1xml
MyCustomFileInfo.format.ps1xml - adds info about symlink files, converts file info length to human readable

v2.6.5  - had to remove the FileList part of the module manifest to get "Enable-FileSize" to work.
This probably has something to do with the ps1xml files that "Enable-FileSize" uses or something along those lines.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.0.1 (current version) 817 12/4/2023
3.0.0 5 12/4/2023
2.9.5 109 1/14/2023
2.6.5 52 10/7/2022
2.0.0 45 8/23/2022
1.61.5 48 6/30/2022
1.61.1 19 6/28/2022
1.61.0 48 3/1/2022
1.60 67 12/28/2021
1.53 126 5/25/2021
1.51 15 5/24/2021
1.50 12 5/24/2021
1.38 53 1/5/2021
1.37.0 21 12/17/2020
1.36.1 29 11/15/2020
1.36 15 11/12/2020
1.35 12 10/7/2020
1.33.1 14 9/7/2020
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