Microsoft Teams cmdlets preview module for Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core.

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Install-Module -Name snTeamsTest -RequiredVersion 0.1.2

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Office365 MicrosoftTeams Teams


Add-TeamChannelUser Add-TeamsAppInstallation Add-TeamUser Get-CsPolicyPackage Get-CsUserPolicyPackage Get-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendation Get-Team Get-TeamChannel Get-TeamChannelUser Get-TeamsApp Get-TeamsAppInstallation Get-TeamUser Grant-CsUserPolicyPackage New-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperation New-Team New-TeamChannel New-TeamsApp Remove-Team Remove-TeamChannel Remove-TeamChannelUser Remove-TeamsApp Remove-TeamsAppInstallation Remove-TeamTargetingHierarchy Remove-TeamUser Set-Team Set-TeamArchivedState Set-TeamChannel Set-TeamPicture Set-TeamsApp Set-TeamTargetingHierarchy Update-TeamsAppInstallation Connect-MicrosoftTeams Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams Get-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation Invoke-CsBatchPolicyAssignment


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## 1.0.22

This update includes:
- Adds strong name signing to the binaries and Authenticode signing on scripts.
- Adds `Set-TeamTargetingHierarchy` and `Remove-TeamTargetingHierarchy` commands for targeting hierarchy.
- Adds `Get-TeamsAppInstallation`, `Add-TeamsAppInstallation`, `Upgrade-TeamsAppInstallation`, and `Remove-TeamsAppInstallation` commands for Teams application management.
- Removes `Get-TeamHelp` in favor of using native `Get-Command`. Example: `Get-Command -Module MicrosoftTeams  | Foreach-Object {Get-Help $ } | Out-Host -Paging`.

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