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| 331,980 downloads | Last Updated: 6/17/2019 | Latest Version: 1.0.1

Teams Cmdlets module

| 39,248 downloads | Last Updated: 7/11/2019 | Latest Version: 0.5.5

Checks the current status of connections to (and as required, prompts for login to) various Microsoft Cloud platforms.

| 566 downloads | Last Updated: 6/25/2019 | Latest Version: 1.0.61

Teams Analyzer is a synthetic testing platform designed to help customers spot network issues preventing them from using Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Online. Real audio calls are made to Microsoft Transport Relays in the cloud, measured, and then the data is posted securely to your tenant. Go to to register before... More info

| 136 downloads | Last Updated: 5/18/2019 | Latest Version: 0.6.4

A tool to allow Office365 admins to connect to mutiple services and tenants simply and easily with saved credential

| 21 downloads | Last Updated: 3/19/2019 | Latest Version: 1.0.3

Installs Microsoft Teams in all user mode from Microsoft website Documentation